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Mic drop

The Top Words of 2016
    A theatrical gesture in which a person drops (or imitates the action of dropping) a hand-held microphone to the ground as the finale to a speech or performance

Drop, английский
  1. (petite) chute en marche

  2. A small quantity of liquid that falls or is produced in a more or less spherical mass; a liquid globule

  3. Точка подключения оборудования пользователя к кабельной системе

  4. Сбрасывание (груза)

  5. A cable that delivers service to an individual customer.

  6. 1. a small quantity of liquid 2. a sudden reduction or fall in the quantity of something  a drop in pressure  plural

  7. Спустить (петлю)

  8. [1] to move gently with tide or current. [2] the depth of a square-sail measured amidships.

  9. The small downward descent of the upper section of a drill rod, casing, or pipe into a lower like section when the threads of the box- and pin-threaded parts match, so that upper and lower sections may be screwed together without cross-threading.

  10. The sudden descent of a bit that occurs when a bit encounters a cavity or cuts through a hard rock and enters a very soft rock, example: a driller may say "the bit hit a cavity and dropped 6 inches."

  11. To lose equipment in a borehole. 4. to lower drill-string equipment into a borehole.

Drop, английский

Drop, английский

Drop, английский
    To deliver a quick and decisive beating. example some guy was talking trash on my car so i dropped him.

Drop, английский

Drop, английский

Drop, английский

Drop, английский

Drop (a stitch), английский
    Спустить (петлю)

Drop (structure), английский

Drop -, английский
  1. Отвод [колено] с проушинами (для крепления к опорной конструкции)

  2. См. false ceiling

Drop - down curve, английский

Drop a body, английский
    To murder someone. example if his crew keeps coming around, i may have to drop a body.

Drop a message bag, английский

Drop address, английский
    Адрес выключения drop-and-insert удаление и вставка

Drop altitude, английский
    Высота сброса [сбрасывания]

Drop and insert point, английский

Drop apron, английский
    A strip of metal which is fixed vertically downward at eaves and gutters of a flexiblemetal roof; acts as a drip.

Drop arch, английский
    A pointed arch which is struck from two centers that are nearer together than the width of the arch, so that the radii are less than the span; a depressed arch.

Drop area, английский
    An area in a pivottable or pivotchart report where you can drop fields from the field list dialog box to display the data in the field. the labels on each drop area indicate the types of fields you can create in the report.

Drop arm, английский

Microphone, английский
  1. Микрофон

  2. A device which converts sound waves into essentially equivalent electric waves; the sound waves move an element in the device which generates an electric voltage.

  3. A device that converts sound into an electrical signal. common microphones include cardioid, ribbon, stereo, omnidirectional and condenser.

  4. A device that converts sound waves into analog electrical signals. additional hardware can convert the microphone’s output into digital data that a computer can process; for example, to record multimedia documents or analyze the sound signal.

Performance, английский
  1. Показатель деятельности. степень эффективности деятельности. производительность.

  2. (технические или летные) характеристики

  3. A way in which something works  the doctors are not satisfied with the performance of the transplanted heart.

  4. N 1 действие; актив- ность; 2 употребление (н. хомский, см. тж. competence 2) linguistic ~ употребление языка, языковая активность (н. хомский, см. тж. linguistic competence) 1 стихотворный размер. 2 обозначающий действие, уже законченное по отношению к данному. performative a перформативный | n тра пер- форматив3 verb

  5. Эксплуатационные качества, ходовые качества

  6. Exhibition of gaits or other required routines.

  7. Microsoft edge developer tool to profile a web page frame rate. this tool helps you see what is happening behind the scenes when your pages are slowing down.

  8. The degree to which a product or service executes its specified function.

Sharenting, английский
    The habitual use of social media to share news, images, etc of one’s children

Jomo, английский
    Joy of missing out: pleasure gained from enjoying one’s current activities without worrying that other people are having more fun