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Snowflake generation

The Top Words of 2016
    The young adults of the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations

Generate, английский

Generate a pageview, английский
    Создание подборки

Generate and test method, английский
    Generate and test method is a general term for a method that generates a series of answers and then tests them against the current case(s). they usually have two modules: a generator module to propose solutions and a test module that scores them. the method can be exhaustive, evaluating all possible solutions, or can continue testing until some acceptability criterion is reached. this type of technique is commonly used to identify new samples or situations presented to it.

Generated address, английский
    Генерируемый адрес; сформированный адрес; вычисленный адрес

Generated allocation, английский
    A method of allocating posted amounts to destination accounts based on a set of predefined rules.

Generated code, английский
    Code that is automatically generated for the client project based on operations and entities exposed in the middle tier when a ria services link exists between the server and client projects.

Generated contaminant, английский
  1. Caused by a deterioration of critical wetted surfaces and materials or by a breakdown of the fluid itself.

  2. Загрязнение гс в результате попадания примесей из га см. также built-in contaminant

Generated error, английский

Generated message format, английский
    Формат порожденного сообщения

Generated-gas volume, английский
    Объемная производительность (паро) газогенератора

Generatil, английский

Generatim, латинский

Generating, английский
    A rapid roughing process to quickly remove material from a lens. accomplished by cutting tools on a machine. generator, free-form – a type of computercontrolled generator with at least three axes of movement that can cut most continuous lens surface shapes to a level of precision and smoothness that requires only minimal polishing with a free-form polisher. generator, traditional – a type of generator with either two or three axes of movement that can cut only basic spherical and sphero-cylindrical lens surface shapes to a minimal level of smoothness that requires additional fining with a cylinder machine.

Generating capacity, английский

Generating element, английский
    Порождающий элемент

Generating equation, английский
    Порождающее уравнение

Generating function, английский
    Производящая функция

Generating information and scanning ohio maps (ohio state univ. center for mapping), английский

Generating luminescence stekla (russian), английский
    Laser glass

Generating method, английский

Generating polynomial, английский
    Порождающий многочлен

Throw shade, английский
    To make a public show of contempt for someone or something, often in a subtle or non-verbal manner

Sharenting, английский
    The habitual use of social media to share news, images, etc of one’s children