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Throw shade

The Top Words of 2016
    To make a public show of contempt for someone or something, often in a subtle or non-verbal manner

Shade, английский

Shade, английский

Shade (exterior), английский
    Consider all the subtleties of shade: wide-open, dappled, flat, side, kicker, and back-lit varieties. keep eyes and options open, reflectors handy.

Shade air temperature, английский

Shade air temperature:, английский
    The shade air temperature is the temperature measured by thermometers placed in a white painted louvred wooden box known as a "stevenson screen"

Shade bar, английский
    Mixed end and filling

Shade requiring plant, английский

Shade screen., английский

Shade screen. sup on drawings, abbr. for “supply.”, английский

Shade temperature, английский
    Температура в тени. см. temperature, air — температура воздуха.

Shade tolerance -, английский

Shade tree, английский
    Тенистое дерево; дерево, посаженное, чтобы давать тень

Shadecloth, английский
    A plain-weave cotton or linen fabric that is heavily sized and is often given oil treatment to make it opaque. the fabric is used for curtains and shades.

Shaded, английский

Shaded filling, английский
    A defect consisting of a bar running across the fabric caused by a difference in appearance of the filling yarn, and occurring at a quill change or knot.

Shader, английский
  1. A graphics function which calculates computer image effects pixel by pixel allowing control of the lighting, shading and color of each individual pixel.

  2. An abstract computational unit on a gpu that processes complex floatingpoint calculations as a stream, in parallel with other abstract computational units.

Shader program, английский
    A linear program written in a low-level shader language, such as high-level shading language (hlsl), for compilation and execution on a gpu.

Shades, английский
    Coloured glasses for quadrants, sextants, and circles. ( see dark glasses, or screens.)

Throw, английский
  1. Object ball motion away from the impact line (line of centers) due to relative sideways sliding motion between the cue ball and object ball caused by sidespin or a cut angle.

  2. The distance light travels from source to subject, as in "a long throw." see: distance.

  3. A cast of the hand-lead.

Throw (threw, thrown), английский

Throw a party, английский

Trumpism, английский
  1. The policies advocated by the us politician donald trump, especially those involving a rejection of the current political establishment and the vigorous pursuit of american national interests

  2. A controversial or outrageous statement attributed to donald trump

Snowflake generation, английский
    The young adults of the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations