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Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    A congenital condition where the liver is incapable of converting galactose into glucose, with the result that a baby’s development may be affected (note: the treatment is to remove galactose from the diet.)

Congenital, английский

Converting, английский
    Преобразование; конвертирование

Development, английский
  1. Разработка; доводка

  2. Разработка; развитие; проявление

  3. Разработка; отработка; отладка; вариант; модификация

  4. Вариант; развитие (изобретения)

  5. 1. the process of growing, or of becoming larger and stronger, or more complex  the development of the embryo takes place in the uterus. 2. something which happens and causes a change in a situation  report any developments to me at once.

  6. N развитие cognitive ~ когнитивное развитие

  7. Министерство жилищного строительства и городского развития (сша)

  8. Property under construction, including preparation and installation of infrastructure

Epispadias, английский
    A congenital condition where the urethra opens on the top of the penis and not at the end. compare hypospadias

Hypospadias, английский
    A congenital condition of the wall of the male urethra or the vagina, so that the opening occurs on the under side of the penis or in the vagina. compare epispadias