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Period incub

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    The time during which a virus or bacterium develops in the body after contamination or infection, before the appearance of the symptoms of the disease. also called stadium invasioni

Incub, английский
    Incubus — демон, домовой

Incub., латинский

Incubación, испанский

Incubare, латинский

Incubate, английский

Incubatie, голландский

Incubation, английский
  1. 1. the development of an infection inside the body before the symptoms of the disease appear 2. the keeping of an ill or premature baby in a controlled environment in an incubator 3. the process of culturing cells or microorganisms under controlled conditions

  2. Инкубация, термостатирование, выдерживание в термостате

Incubation, французский

Incubation period, английский
  1. Período de incubación

  2. Инкубационный период временной интервал между проникновением возбудителя в организм хозяина и появлением первых признаков или симптомов заболевания.

Incubation period (latent period), английский
    The interval between exposure to an infection and the appearance of the first symptoms.

Incubative period of a plant disease, английский

Incubator, английский
  1. 1. an apparatus for growing bacterial cultures 2. an enclosed container in which a premature baby can be kept, within which conditions such as temperature and oxygen levels can be controlled

  2. Incubadora

Incubazione, итальянский

Incubo notturno , итальянский

Incubus, латинский

Incubus, i, m, латинский

Period, английский
  1. Период

  2. 1. a length of time  the patient regained consciousness after a short period of time.  she is allowed out of bed for two periods each day. 2. menstruation or the menses, bleeding from the uterus which occurs in a woman each month when the lining of the uterus is shed because no fertilised egg is present  she always has heavy periods.  some women experience abdominal pain during their periods.  she has bleeding between periods.

  3. N период (в т.ч. большое слож- ное законченное предложение ); пауза в кон- це периода; точка (в конце периода, части текста ; см. тж. full stop) critical ~ критический период4 ~ ~ hypothesis гипотеза критического пе- риода5

  4. Период; интервал; цикл || периодический ~ of vibration период механических колебаний [вибраций]

Period, английский

Period, шведский

Period (in punct.), английский

Period for response to action, английский
    Срок для подачи возражения на решение экспертизы

Contamination, английский
  1. Usually an undesirable situation where radioactive material in an unsealed source (open source) state is present in the working environment, or otherwise un-contained and not required. contamination can either be loose (easily removed) or fixed. loose con

  2. Загрязнение; заражение

  3. The introduction of sewage, wastes, and/or chemicals (or other material) into a potable water supply that render it unfit for its intended purpose. contemporary style an imprecise term applied to any of a number of architectural modes popular from about the 1940s through the 1970s and beyond, sometimes included under the term modern architecture; often characterized by widely overhanging eaves, exposed roof beams, and front-facing gables with heavy piers that support the gables; often, a balcony with an overhanging sunscreen, roof decks, and a patio that may serve as an extension of the living area; another type has a facade and flat roof resembling that of the international style. continuous beam 251

  4. The action of contaminating something, or the state of being contaminated  the contamination resulted from polluted water.

  5. N лнгв., лит. контаминация (син. blending)

  6. Инфицирование; контаминация

  7. The act or process of a substance being diluted or admixed with another material, which may render the original substance unfit for use. see contaminate.

  8. Undesirable substances (dust, fibers, etc.) in the coating system and powder coating

Appearance, английский
  1. Manifestation of the nature of objects and materials through visual attributes such as size, shape, color, texture, glossiness, transparency, opacity, etc.

  2. Going to court. or a legal paper that says you will participate in the court process

  3. The first making of a land-fall: formerly astronomically used for phenomenon and phase. the day of an officer`s first joining a ship after his being appointed.

  4. Внешний вид ~ of finished concrete внешний вид отделанной бетонной поверхности ~ of fracture вид излома, форма излома ~ of naturally weathered surface внешний вид выветренной поверхности

  5. Изменение внешнего вида (конструкции); ~ in sign перемена знака (напр, силы); ~s in the work изменения проекта (в стадии строительства по решению заказчика) air ~ воздухообмен (по наружному воздуху) air ~s per hour кратность воздухообмена (по наружному воздуху)

Peak period, английский
    The time of the day, days of the month or months of the year, during which something such as a fever, tiredness, infectious disease or cold reaches its highest point or occurs most frequently in a population

Safe period, английский
    The time during the menstrual cycle, when conception is not likely to occur, and sexual intercourse can take place, used as a method of contraception.  rhythm method