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Словарь медицинских терминов (англо-испанский)

    Agent, английский
    1. The decision-maker in a principal-agent relationship.

    2. Someone who has authority to act for another

    3. Агент

    4. Агент; реагент; компонент

    5. Хозяйственная единица; агент (в снс), см. transactor; economic unit; activity unit

    6. See knowbot.

    7. 1. a chemical substance which makes another substance react 2. a substance or organism which causes a disease or condition 3. a person who acts as a representative of another person or carries out some kinds of work on his or her behalf

    8. One who is empowered to enter into binding transactions on behalf of another (usually called the principal).

    9. N агенс4 (см. тж. patient) noun, suffix

    10. In physics, expresses that by which a thing is done or effected.—navy agent is a deputy employed to pass accounts, transact business, and receive pay or other monies, in behoof of the officers and crew, and to apply the proceeds as directed by them.— agent victuallers, officers appointed to the charge of provisions at our foreign ports and stations, to contract for, buy, and regulate, under the authority of the commissioners of the navy. (see negligence.)—prize agent, one appointed for the sale of prizes, and nominated in equal numbers by the commander, the officers, and the ship`s company.

    Agresión, agresividad, ferocidad, violencia, испанский

    Agencia para sustancias tóxicas y el regist, испанский