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06 июня, 2024

Носители армянского языка в России стали ценным ресурсом

05 июня, 2024

Исследование рынка перед локализацией сайта

04 июня, 2024

Популярные языки в переводах за май 2024 года

23 мая, 2024

Редакторская правка в научных исследованиях

23 мая, 2024

Превратите свой блог в многоязычный

23 мая, 2024

Переводы и редактура текстов для маркетплейсов

22 мая, 2024

Зачем нужно проверять автоматические субтитры перед переводом?

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Глоссарий по робототехнике

    Independence, английский
    1. Г. индепенденс {шт. канзас, сша)

    2. Независимость

    3. In probabilistic expert systems, an attribute x is independent of another attribute y given a set of attributes w

    4. Self-suficiency concerning information. independent systems are closed to information. variation outside the boundaries of independent systems do not affect the variation within. there is no input. in statistics, two variables are independent if the coocurance of their values is mere chance, e.g., zero correlation. in logic and set theory, two variables are independent if the relation between them is the mere cartesian product of two properties. two individuals are independent if each does what he wants to do, neither having to consider the behavior of the other. a clock is designed to be independent of variation in temperature, geographical location including gravity while it is correlated with other clocks and communicating its output states to an observer. independent systems maybe a source but not the receiver of communication (->closed system, ->closure). .

    Autonomy, английский
    1. The state of being free to act as one wishes

    2. Автономность

    3. Attribute of an organizationally closed system, i.e., a system whose organization is self-explanatory and by implication circular. the understanding of autonomous systems requires references neither to events outside that system e.g. causes (->(ausality), nor to a metasystem of which it maybe a part for reasons other than what constitutes its organization. autonomous systems possess (a) a recursive form of organization of (b) processes which continually constitute their own unity by maintaining (c) a boundary within which its organization is realized (->recursion, ->recognition, ->constitution) •

    4. Способность системы работать и адаптироваться к изменяющимся обстоятельствам с уменьшенным или без человеческого или внешнего контроля.

    5. The state of being in independent control of your own life.

    6. The freedom to decide and practice independently.

    Атомарный, русский

    Автозагрузч, русский