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26 мая, 2022

Чем отличается форматирование рукописи от редактирования?

25 мая, 2022

Глоссарий по теме горнодобывающей промышленности

24 мая, 2022

Как отслеживать изменения в документе, внесенные редактором?

22 мая, 2022

Средневековый словарь медицинских терминов на пяти языках

19 мая, 2022

Вы мне прислали машинный перевод! За что я плачу деньги?

19 мая, 2022

Редактирование диссертации носителем английского языка

18 мая, 2022

Как в нашем бюро оказываются услуги перевода с вычиткой носителем языка

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Глоссарий технических терминов

    Connector, английский
    1. Элемент кабельного разъема, обеспечивающий подключение проводников кабеля.

    2. Оконечное приспособление устройств и кабелей для механического соединения друг с другом. используются парами

    3. Штекер; соединительный разъем; штуцер

    4. Most fiber optic connectors consist of two plugs and one adapter. s can be push/pull types (sc, lc, mpo etc.), bayonet (st), or threaded (fc). most use a 2.5-mm ferrule but small form factor types use the smaller 1.25-mm ferrule. other features include a key and keyway that provide critical alignment for repeatability and for strain relief internally and at the rear boot. bonding techniques include thermal cure, anaerobic adhesive, and uv adhesive

    5. A device mounted on the end of a fiber-optic cable, light source, receiver, or housing that mates to a similar device to couple light into and out of optical fibers. a connector joins two fiber ends, or one fiber end and a light source or detector. a mechanical or optical device that provides a demountable connection between two fibers or a fiber and a source or detector.

    6. Also known as a `plug`, the physical interface on cabling or equipment used to connect or hold together a cable and an electronic component that permits a sound signal or data to flow into an external destination, such as a mixing board or a computer.

    7. A communications service used to exchange documents with your trading partners or your internal systems.

    8. A software component designed to support connections between products.

    9. Any one-dimensional (1-d) shape that can be glued between two shapes in a drawing to connect the shapes.

    10. In hardware, a coupler used to join cables or to join a cable to a device (for example, an rs-232-c connector used to join a modem cable to a computer). most connector types are available in one of two genders—male or female. a male connector is characterized by one or more exposed pins; a female connector is characterized by one or more receptacles—sockets or jacks— designed to accept the pins on the male connector.

    11. In programming, a circular symbol used in a flowchart to indicate a break, as to another page.

    Constella, английский

    Частями, русский