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Admiralty anchor

Англо-русский словарь морской лексики
    Адмиралтейский якорь

Admiralty, английский
  1. 1. a high naval authority in charge of a state`s navy or a major territorial component. in the royal navy (uk) the board of admiralty, executing the office of the lord high admiral, promulgates naval law in the form of queen`s (or king`s) regulations and admiralty instructions.

  2. An office for the administration of naval affairs, presided over by a lord high-admiral, whether the duty be discharged by one person, or by commissioners under the royal patent, who are styled lords, and during our former wars generally consisted of seven. the present constitution of the board of admiralty comprises—the first lord, a minister and civilian as to office; four naval lords; one civil lord attending to accounts, &c.; one chief secretary; one second secretary. two lords and one secretary form a legal board of admiralty wherever they may be assembled, under the authority of the board or its chief.

  3. [1] formerly, the department of state responsible for the british royal navy (see board of admiralty). [2] the building housing officials of that department. [3] maritime law.

Admiralty court, английский
  1. The constitution of this court relatively to the legislative power of the king in council, is analogous to that of the courts of common law relatively to the parliament of the kingdom.— high court of admiralty, a supreme court of law, in which the authority of the lord high-admiral is ostensibly exercised in his judicial capacity for the trial of maritime causes of a civil nature. although termed the high court of admiralty, more properly this is the court of vice-admiralty, and relates solely to civil and military matters of the sea, and sea boundaries, prizes, collisions, vessels or goods cast on the shore where the vice-admirals have civil jurisdiction, but no naval power, as the lord-lieutenants of counties are named in their patents “vice-admirals of the same;” in like manner all governors of colonies. all cases in connection are tried by the admiralty court in london, or by our “courts of vice-admiralty and prize jurisdictions abroad.” admirable as some of the decisions of this expensive tribunal have been, it has all the powers of the inquisition in its practice, and has thereby been an instrument of persecution to some innocent navigators, while it has befriended notorious villains. besides this we have the admiralty court of oyer and terminer, for the trial of all murders, piracies, or criminal acts which occur within the limits of the country, on the coast-lines, at sea, or wherever the admiralty jurisdiction extends—the deck of a british ship included.

  2. A tribunal administering maritime or admiralty law, including matters pertaining to shipping, collision, piracy, disposition of prizes, etc. admiralty law: a uniform, supranational, comprehensive body of maritime jurisprudence progressively codified over millennia. see laws & conventions of the sea, maritime law and united nations convention on the law of the sea.

Admiralty court; court of admiralty (in great britain), английский

Admiralty islands, английский

Admiralty law, английский
    Body of law that deals with maritime cases. in the uk administered by the probate, divorce and admiralty division of the high court of justice or supreme court.

Admiralty midshipman, английский
  1. Formerly one who, having served the appointed time, and passed his examination for lieutenant, was appointed to a ship by the admiralty, and thus named in contradistinction to those who used to be rated by the captain; he generally had precedence for promotion to “acting orders.”

  2. Formerly one who, having served his time and passed the lieutenant’s examination, was appointed to a ship by the admiralty, in contradistinction to those who were rated by the captain.

Admiralty shackle, английский
    Heavy shackle at the tail tree that connects the skyline to the stub line (guyline extension) (19).

Admiralty sweep, английский
    A wide, cautious turn, made to come alongside another vessel or a jetty.

Anchor, английский
  1. Якорь, опора. опция в текстовых процессорах, которая связывает рамку или объект в рамке с абзацем. при удалении абзаца будет удалена и прикрепленная к нему рамка

  2. 1. an object designed to prevent or slow the drift of a ship, attached to the ship by a line or chain; typically a metal, hook-like or plough-like object designed to grip the bottom under the body of water (but see also sea anchor).

  3. Якорь, анкер

  4. N псхл. якорь5 anchoring n псхл. якорение6

  5. Якорь

  6. A large and heavy instrument in use from the earliest times for holding and retaining ships, which it executes with admirable force. with few exceptions it consists of a long iron shank, having at one end a ring, to which the cable is attached, and the

  7. [1] a device fastened to a chain or line, consisting either of a hook which embeds itself in the sea floor or of a heavy weight to hold the ship in place. the concept is said to have been developed in china for emperor yu (2205–2197 b.c.). [2] to place such a device. (from the anglo-saxon ancor.)

  8. Точка привязки; привязывать

  9. To fasten down or hold in place.

  10. Heavy object buried in ground to which a guy or snake line may be attached. also called deadman.

  11. Анкер; анкерное устройство о ~

  12. An arrangement of one or (usually) more pieces of gear set up to support the weight of a belay or top rope.

Anchor -, английский
  1. Анкерная балка

  2. Анкерная тяга

Anchor / anchor bolt, английский

Anchor / anchor bolt, английский

Anchor apeak / atrip, английский
    Панер / якорь встал

Anchor ball, английский
  1. Round black shape hoisted in the forepart of a vessel to show that it is anchored.

  2. A black ball or circle displayed in the forepart of a ship to indicate it is at anchor.

Anchor beam, английский
    In a typical dutch barn in colonial america, a massive horizontal timber that spans the barn from one gable end to the opposite end. anchorage 1. in posttensioning, a device which anchors the tendons to the posttensioned concrete member. 2. in pretensioning, a device used to anchor the tendons temporarily during the hardening of the concrete. 3.

Anchor bed, английский
    Permanent chocks which hold a stored anchor in place.

Anchor bell, английский
    A warning bell rung by anchored ships during poor visibility.

Anchor bend, английский
  1. (fisherman’s bend) узел рыбачьего невода

  2. Рыбацкий штык

  3. A knot used to fasten an anchor to its cable.

Anchor block, английский
    The group of sleepers, with rail anchors or resilient fastenings, at each end of a module to be destressed. the anchor block is used for retaining the longitudinal movement of the rail when the rail is tensed.

Anchor bolt, английский
  1. A device for connecting timber members to concrete or masonry

  2. A bolt or other device used to secure a diamond-drill base to a solid foundation. it may or may not be threaded.

  3. A lag screw used to anchor drill base to platform or sills.

Aft cabin, английский
    Кормовая каюта

Sailing, английский
  1. Мореплавание, мореходство

  2. Парусный спорт

  3. The movement of a vessel by means of her sails along the surface of the water. sailing, or the sailings, is a term applied to the different ways in which the path of

  4. [1] describes a vessel driven by sails. [2] the activity of conning a sailing craft. [3] to be traveling in a sailing craft. [4] the departure of a vessel (she’ll be sailing at noon).