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Period mark

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Метка периода

Mark, английский
  1. To select and indicate (usually with paint) trees to be felled in a logging operation. t to be left may also be marked. also known as end mark or brand (17).

  2. Метка

  3. A hustler’s victim

  4. Label, tag, price, ticket, impress, effect, trace, imprint, stamp, brand, sign, note, heed, notice, designate

  5. См. trade-mark

  6. Марка, знак, метка

  7. A spot or small area of a different colour  there’s a red mark where you hit your head.  the rash has left marks on the chest and back.  verb to make a mark on something  the door is marked ‘supervisor’ the door has the word ‘supervisor’ written on it

  8. N знак interrogation accent ~ , diacritic ~ диакритический знак (тж. accent 2а) exclamation ~ восклицательный знак (син. exclamation point) interrogation ~ вопросительный знак (тж. interrogation point, interrogation 2, ~ of interrogation, point of interrogation, query 2, question ~) punctuation ~ знак препинания question ~ вопросительный знак (см. син. в interrogation ~) quotation ~s кавычки (син. inverted commas)

  9. Марка, знак

  10. A certain regulated length for spanish sword-blades, under penalty of fine, and the weapon to seizure. also, any object serving for the guidance of ships, as sea-marks, land-marks, leading-marks, &c. also, a piece of twine on a running rope, as a brace, &c., to show when, by being near the belaying pin or the bitts, it has been sufficiently hauled in. “mark of the fore-brace down, sir;”—answer, “belay, oh.”

  11. [1] one of the fathom indicators on a sounding line. [2] a navigational aid or marker which must be passed on a specific side. [3] a target. [4] an equipment identifier, always followed by a roman numeral indicating the production version of the specified item, and possibly a modification number indicating the number of changes made to the original design (e.g., “mark iii/2 binoculars” identifies the third version which has been twice modified). mark!: a call given to indicate that a prescribed reading must be recorded at the specific time of the call. marker: general term covering all forms of navigational aids such as buoys, beacons, and the like.

  12. To earn a score.

Mark, английский

Mark, шведский

Mark ("лох"), русский
    Жертва жулика

Mark - indentation or compression of the timber or other wood product by the rack stick when the load above is too, английский

Mark as read, английский
    Пометить как прочтенное

Mark as unread, английский
    Пометить как непрочтенное

Mark condition (in morse code only), английский

Mark limitating the starting line, английский
    Знак ограничения стартовой линии

Mark off, английский
  1. Identify wagon with a mechanical defect.

  2. Размечать markov analysisанализ маркова

Mark out, английский
    In carpentry, to lay out the lines where cuts are to be made.

Mark preventer (line), английский
    Предохранитель (тросовый или цепной),

Mark reading, английский
    Считывание метки; поиск метки; считывание маркера

Mark recognition, английский
    Распознавание меток

Mark scanning, английский
    Поиск метки; считывание меток

Mark scanning document, английский
    Документ с метками; документ с маркерами

Mark sensing, английский
    Распознавание метки; считывание метки mark-space ratio коэффициент заполнения; отношение длительности

Mark straw, английский
    A red birthmark in children, which will often disappear in later life

Mark to delete, английский
    Пометить для удаления

Mark to market, английский
    Tax and/or accounting convention under which the value of assets/liabilities is adjusted to reflect fair market value of a specific date.

Mark to retrieve, английский
    Пометить для загрузки

Field mark, английский
    Метка поля; маркер поля; ограничитель поля

Beginning file label, английский
    Метка начала файла; начальный маркер массива