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Address binding

Глоссарий по вычислительной технике
    Привязка по адресам

Address, английский
  1. Последовательность битов, идентифицирующих получателя или отправителя. в internet

  2. Адрес

  3. Адресцадресовать

  4. Addresses (cryptocurrency addresses) are used to receive and send transactions on the network. an address is a string of alphanumeric characters, but can also be represented as a scannable qr code.

  5. An address is essentially the representation of a public key belonging to a particular user; for example, the address associated with the private key given above is . note that in practice, the address is technically the hash of a public key, but for simplicity it`s better to ignore this distinction.

  6. Officers up to the rank of lieutenant-commander are properly called “mister” although, as a matter of conversational politeness or in ignorance, lt-cdrs are sometimes addressed as “commander” by civilians. captains are addressed as “captain,” and all flag officers as “admiral.” the proper title for the commander of a merchantman is master, but captain is often used as a matter of courtesy. similarly, the commander of even the smallest naval vessel is normally addressed as “captain” irrespective of rank. between 1870 and 1914 it was also customary to address the executive officers of rn ships as “captain.” in the rn, a master at arms is always addressed as “master,” never as “chief ” or “sir” irrespective of rank.

Address, английский

Address (in circuit switching), английский

Address (in information processing), английский

Address (row), английский

Address accumulator, английский
    Сумматор адресов

Address adjustment, английский
    Настройка адреса; корректировка адреса

Address alignment, английский
    Выравнивание адреса

Address allocation, английский
    Присвоение адресов; распределение памяти

Address arithmetic, английский
    Адресная арифметика; вычисление адресов

Address array, английский
    Поле адреса; адресная сетка

Address assignment, английский
    Присваивание адреса

Address attribute, английский
    Атрибут адреса

Address bit, английский
    Разряд адреса

Address blank, английский
    Пустое адресное поле

Address book, английский
    Адресная книга

Address buffer, английский
    Буфер адресов

Address builder, английский
    Построитель адресов

Address bus, английский
    Шина адреса; адресная шина

Address calculating sorting, английский
    Сортировка с вычислением адреса

Protocol binding, английский
    Привязка протокола

Objects snap to grid, английский
    Привязка объектов к сетке