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Slotted-ring network

Словарь сокращений по вычислительной технике

    Srn, английский
    1. The air conditioning and refrigeration institute performs tests and assigns a sound rating number (srn) to units. a lower srn rating indicates a quieter unit with average srns of between 74db and 80db..

    2. Short-range navigation (system)

    Network, английский
    1. See rail network

    2. Совокупность устройств (конечных рабочих станций, узлов коммутации), связанных между собой средой передачи данных (см. medium): кабелями, радиоканалами и т.д.

    3. Комплексная система соединенных и обменивающихся данными компьютеров.

    4. Сеть

    5. Сетевой график (графическое представление последовательности и взаимосвязи между отдельными операциями проекта, рабочий инструмент, перт, мкп и других методов спу) см. net; network diagram; network plan

    6. 1. two or more information sources or destinations (points or nodes) linked via communications media to exchange information. 2. it can be as simple as a cable strung between two computers a few feet apart or as complex as hundreds of glossary/60 thousands of computers around the world linked through fiber optic cables, phone lines and satellites.

    7. A system of cables or other connections that links many terminals or devices, all of which can communicate with each other through the system.

    8. A, b, and c) which weight different frequency components differently.

    9. An interconnecting system of lines and spaces, like a net  a network of fine blood vessels neuman’s model neuman’s model / n??m?nz m?d(?)l/

    10. [1] a group of radio stations sharing the same frequency. [2] interconnected computer systems. network-centric: this is a doctrine made possible by the information age and related to the revolution in military affairs debate. as defined by the pentagon in its report to congress: it involves new ways of thinking about how we accomplish our missions, how we organize and interrelate, and how we acquire and field the systems that support us.... this monumental task will span a quarter century or more. it will involve ways of operating that have yet to be conceived, and will employ technologies yet to be invented ... (and) has the potential to increase warfighting capabilities by orders of magnitude. the concept treats geographically dispersed platforms not as individual weapons, but as components in a vast network that allows messages and data to be exchanged between tactical elements without having to be passed up and down the chain of command. being inter-connected via high-speed satellite communication networks to form a global inter-service information grid, data will be centrally collated to create a coherent overall picture of the battlefield instantly available to all units, giving each of them enhanced situation awareness and enabling more rapid, more informed, and more effective decision-making (but see author’s comment under mission command).

    11. A system of channels, communication links, paths of information flows, roads, etc., resembling a fabric or wiring diagram and describable as a graph.

    12. A group of computers or other devices, such as printers and scanners, that communicate either wirelessly or by using a physical connection, such as an ethernet cable or a phone line.

    13. A group of people someone communicates and shares with on windows live. someone’s network includes people they’ve added to their profile, to their messenger contacts, or both. people in someone’s network can see information about their latest activities in the what’s new list, and may see other information, depending on permissions settings.

    14. A system of dividing up territory into independent areas for mobile telephony (voice and data connections), managed by mobile operators. network

    15. An interconnected set of computers that can share information.

    Network, испанский
      [red] servicio de comunicación de datos entre ordenadores.

    Network & internet, английский
      The ui label for network and internet settings in windows desktop.

    Network & wireless, английский
      The ui label for network and wireless (mobile) settings in windows 10 mobile.

    Network (diagram), английский

    Network abonent, английский
      Абонент связи; сетевой абонент

    Network access, английский
      Сетевой доступ; доступ к сети

    Network access charge, английский
      See access charge.

    Network access control, английский
      Ieee 802.1x

    Network access control method, английский
      Метод управления сетевым доступом

    Network access controller, английский
      Контроллер доступа к сети

    Network access controller;, русский

    Network access facility, английский
      Средства доступа к сети

    Network access machine, английский
      Машина доступа к сети

    Network access machine;, русский

    Network access method, английский
      Метод доступа к сети; сетевой метод доступа

    Network access point, английский
      Пункт доступа к сети; точка входа в сеть

    Network access point;, русский

    Network access processor, английский
      Процессор обеспечения доступа к сети network access providerпоставщик услуг сетевого доступа

    Network access processor 4., английский

    Network access protection, английский
      A set of operating system components that can help protect access to a private network by enforcing health policies. system administrators establish health policies which nap enforces by inspecting and assessing the health of client computers, restricting network access when client computers are deemed noncompliant, and remediating noncompliant client computers for full network access. nap also provides ongoing health compliance enforcement while a client computer is connected to a network.

    Serial read-only memory, английский

    Structural return loss, английский