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Control surface

Глоссарий авиационных и аэрокосмических терминов
    Any moveable surface on an aircraft which controls its motion about one of the three principal axes. ailerons, elevators, and the rudder are examples of control surfaces. in addition, other type of roll control surfaces are roll spoilers that dump lift on one wing or another (as opposed to ailerons), spoilerons (combined spoiler and aileron), and flaperon (combined flap and aileron). other combined controls include the ruddervator (combined elevator and rudder as on the «v» tailed beech model 35), elevons combining elevator and ailerons and flailavators which control pitch & roll as well as flaps in wing trailing edge control surfaces. other subsidiary controls are pitch, roll, and rudder trim tabs and the adjustable pitch tailplane (the whole tailplane moves to trim the pitch axis).

Control, английский
  1. Commande;réglage

  2. There are at least three senses of "control" in statistics: a member of the control group, to whom no treatment is given; a controlled experiment, and to control for a possible confounding variable.

  3. Управление; регулирование

  4. `logic логическая схема управления

  5. Any device for regulating a system or component during its normal (manual or automatic) operation; it is responsive, during automatic operation, to the property (such as pressure or temperature) whose magnitude is to be regulated.

  6. An attempt to guide a borehole to follow a predetermined course through the use of wedges or by manipulation of the drill string.

  7. A mechanism by which the speed or rate of an operation may be regulated.

  8. The base or basis by which similar values may be compared.

  9. Model(l)ing моделирование процессов и методов управления (напр., качеством воды в водных объектах) (сточных вод в водный объект)

  10. A constraining" (->constraint) effect on a variable, a directing influence on the behavior of a system, or the setting of the parameters of a system. anyone-way communication, which by its definition conditions a receiver`s behavior in some respects, involves control of a receiver by a sender.

  11. An object that enables user interaction or input, often to initiate an action, display information, or set values.

  12. Management of a computer and its processing abilities so as to maintain order as tasks and activities are carried out. control applies to measures designed to ensure error-free actions carried out at the right time and in the right order relative to other datahandling or hardware-based activities.

Control, английский

Control, английский

Control, английский

Control, английский

Control, английский

Control, испанский
    Menú que contiene una serie de comandos que permiten manejar la ventana. los iconos de aplicación y algunos cuadros de diálogo también tienen un menú control. para abrir el menú control, se utiliza el

Control (i.e., management control), английский

Control (of an asset), английский

Control (of an enterprise), английский

Control -, английский
    Система управления

Control abstraction, английский
    Абстракция управления

Control account, английский

Control action, английский
    Управляющее воздействие; регулирующее воздействие

Control addition, английский
    Контрольное суммирование

Control air force specialty code, английский
    Контрольный код военно-учетной специальности ввс

Control algorithm, английский
    Алгоритм управления

Control and data acquisition (cda) systems, английский

Control and data retrieval system, английский
    Система запуска, управления и возвращения (дплл многократного применения)

Control and delay channel, английский
    Канал управления и запаздывания

Control and display panel, английский
    Пульт управления и индикации

Subsidiary, английский
  1. Дочерняя компания (в снс; под этим нередко понимают отечественные компании, являющиеся дочерними фирмами иностранных компаний или иностранными дочерними фирмами отечественных компаний)

  2. A company controlled by another company or corporation.

Adjustable, английский
  1. Регулируемый; переставной; корректируемый

  2. Zero, adjustable range регулируемый нуль, регулируемая дальность

  3. Настраиваемый; регулируемый adjustable arrayмассив переменной длины; массив с переменными границами

Synchropter, английский
    Any twin-rotor helicopter that uses w:intermeshing rotors for its flight capabilities, as pioneered by w:anton flettner or w:charles kaman in the 1940s-50s.

Biplane, английский
    An aeroplane with two similar-sized wings (or pairs of wings), exactly or approximately in vertical alignment.