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Load factor (lf)

Глоссарий авиационных и аэрокосмических терминов
    The percentage of seats filled. determined by dividing revenue passenger miles by available seat miles. also a measure of the factor of loading on an aircraft, with comparison to gravity. increases in steep turns and other abrupt manouvers. given as a factor of gravity with 1g being the standardised acceleration at sea level on land.

Percentage, английский
  1. Pourcentage

  2. Процент

  3. The proportion rate in every hundred or for every hundred  what is the percentage of long-stay patients in the hospital?

  4. Процент; процентное содержание; процентный состав; процентное отношение percentage-of-completion method метод "по мере готовности"

  5. Процентное значение; значение величины, выраженное в процентах; процентное содержание о ~ by

Determined, английский
  1. A предопределённый

  2. Определенный

Comparison, английский
  1. (логическое) сопоставление a) an ordinary comparison of two objects belonging to the same classes (v.a.k.) she is like her mother. b) weighing two objects belonging to one class of things with the purpose of establishing the degree of the

  2. Сравнение, сличение

  3. Сравнение

  4. N сравнение compensation 30 concept degree of ~ степень сравнения (тж. degree)

  5. Сравнение; сличение; сопоставление; компарирование

  6. This is an operation that compares things like if the values in two variables are equal. in processing the equals comparison is done with the double equals: ==. in netlogo it is done with a single equals: =. other comparisons are things like not equal and greater than.

Acceleration, шведский

Center of gravity (cg), английский
    The point at which the mass of the aircraft would be balanced if it were placed on that single point. the point changes depending on the loading of the aircraft: fuel, passengers, luggage, etc. each aircraft has cg limits specified by its manufacturer. if the cg of the aircraft in its current configuration is outside of the specified limits, the aircraft may be unsafe to fly as the control surfaces will have insufficient authority to safely control the aircraft. for example, if the cg is behind the aft (rear) cg limit, the aircraft will tend to stall.

Breakeven load factor, английский
    The load factor necessary for an airline to break even. it is a function of the percent of seats filled at a particular yield versus the airlines operating costs.