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Attachment point ltv

Глоссарий по инвестициям
    The ltv point at which the senior loan ends and junior loan starts, for example 55% ltv would typically be the detachment point of a senior loan and the attachment point at which the junior loan would start.

Detachment, английский
  1. A stylistic device based on singling out a secondary member of the sentence with the help of punctuation (intonation) (v.a.k.) i have to beg you nearly killed, ingloriously, in a jeep accident. (i.shaw) i have to beg you for money. daily.

  2. Отряд; отдельное подразделение

  3. A force detached from the main body for employment on any particular service.

  4. A group or unit separated from a larger force for a specific assignment or operation.

  5. Разъединение; разделение; отсоединение; отрыв; отделение

Attachment, английский
  1. (1) document attached to court papers to give more information; (2) a way to collect judgment: by getting a court order that says you can take a piece of property

  2. Separating the second part of the utterance from the first one by full stop though their semantic and grammatical ties remain very strong (v.a.k.) it wasn`t his fault. it was yours. and mine. i now humbly beg you to give me the money with

  3. Крепление; узел крепления

  4. Прикрепление; присоединение

  5. A data type that will provide support for storing binary files within an access database. more similar to the sharepoint concept of attachments than the current ole object fields in access. the data will be stored as a raw blob within the database.

  6. A file sent by- email- is ‘attached’ to the email. an attachment can be a picture, a document, a program or any other type of file. you should never open an attachment if you are not sure what it is, because some- viruses- propagate as email attachments; but they can’t infect your machine if you don’t open the attachment.

  7. An external file included with an e-mail message.

  8. Арест (товара)

  9. Binding of phage or virus to host cell receptors

  10. Method by which a debtor’s property is placed in the custody of the law and held as security pending outcome of a creditor’s suit.

Audit costs, английский
    Costs associated with annual external audit engagements and other audit services provided (both paid to independent third party firms or manager/advisor).

Assignment / transfer clauses, английский
    Typically an assignment is an agreement to transfer all of the rights (but not the obligations) under a contract to a new lender evidenced by an assignment agreement. the specific definition will be governed by local law.