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Top dyeing

Глоссарий по текстилю и текстильной промышленности
    1. the process of covering with an additional dye, not necessarily of the same color or class, to obtain the desired shade. 2. fiber in top form is placed in cans and dyed in a batch-dye vessel with reverse cycling capability. an expensive process that is used primarily for fancy yarns.

Dye, английский
  1. A soluble colorant; as opposed to pigment, which is insoluble.

  2. A coloring material or compound that imparts color throughout a material by penetration.

  3. The chemical component added to a penetrant vehicle to provide a characteristic color to the penetrant.

Dye, английский

Dye developer, английский

Dye fleck, английский
    1. an imperfection in fabric caused by residual undissolved dye. 2. a defect caused by small sections of undrawn thermoplastic yarn that dye deeper that the drawn yarn.

Dye lasers, английский
    Lasers based on liquid or solid dyes as gain media

Dye line print, английский

Dye lot, английский
    A quantity of textile fiber, yarn, or woven goods dyed in one production run. lot size can vary greatly depending on the mill or finishing plant’s dyeing processes and equipment.

Dye marker, английский
  1. Brilliant coloring matter which is dropped to spread in or on the water to indicate the position of a person overboard, or a point of action (e.g., where to execute a turn, drop an amphibious craft, etc.).

  2. A brightly colored chemical that spreads when released into water; normally used to attract attention.

Dye migration, английский
    Migration, 1

Dye penetrant, английский
  1. Penetrant with dye added that makes it readily visible in light.

  2. See color contrast penetrant. e

Dye penetrant inspection, английский

Dye penetration -, английский
    Контроль проникающей краской, цветная дефектоскопия

Dye penetration test / inspection, английский

Dye penetration test method, английский
    Метод проверки проницаемости резьбового соединения с помощью краски

Dye range, английский
    A broad term referring to the collection of dye and chemical baths, drying equipment, etc., in a continuous-dyeing line. dyes: substances that add color to textiles. they are incorporated into the fiber by chemical reaction, absorption, or dispersion. dyes differ in their resistance to sunlight, perspiration, washing, gas, alkalies, and other agents; their affinity for different fibers; their reaction to cleaning agents and methods; and their solubility and method of application. various classes and types are listed below. [also see colour index (ci).]

Dye sensitized dichromated gelatin, английский

Dye sites, английский
    Functional groups within a fiber that provide sites for chemical bonding with the dye molecule. dye sites may be either in the polymer chain or in chemical additives included in the fiber.

Dye stability, английский

Dye stuff; dye, английский

Dye stuffs (mt, pt), английский
    A natural or synthetic coloring matter whether soluble or insoluble that is used to color materials usually from a solution or fine dispersion and sometimes with the aid of a chemical (mordant) that serves to fix a dye in or on a substance.

Dye sub, английский
  1. Limation is a printing process where the color dyes are thermally transferred to the printing media. dye sub printers use the cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color format and have either three ribbons (cyan, magenta and yellow) or high-end printers have four cmy plus a black. the paper is run in and out of the printer four times, once for each color and then a fourth time when a protective overcoat is applied. dye sub is continuous tone printing, it prints tiny square dots each of which is denser in the center and lighter on the edges. these dots can be varied from almost no dot at all to an almost completely solid dot. the dyes are transparent so different colored dots can be printed on top of each other to form any one of 16-million colors. this is known as the subtractive color process. dye sub prints rival conventional photographs in both their color gamut and longevity with water and uv resistant qualities. for the sake of accuracy we must state that most printers today that claim to be dye sub type printers are actually dye diffusion. the complete technical name for this process is dye diffusion thermal or d2t printing. to achieve true sublimation printing requires a laser to vaporize the dye material. the common 4x6 dye sub or the bigger ones that do up to 8x10 prints like the olympus p-400 or kodak pro 8500 heat the dye material with a thermal printhead and use pressure rollers to push the ribbon into contact with the paper and then diffusion occurs.

  2. Dye sublimination is a printing process where the colour dyes are thermally transferred to the printing media. the printers use cmyk colour format. the paper is run in and out of the printer 4 times, once for each colour (c, m and y) and a fourth time when a protective overcoat is applied. dye sub is continuous tone printing, it prints tiny square dots each of which is denser in the centre and lighter on the edges. the dyes are transparent so different coloured dots can be printed on top of each other to form any one of 16 million colours.

Additional, английский
  1. Дополнительный 33

  2. Дополнительный; добавочный

Capability, английский
  1. Способность; возможность; мощность; производительность

  2. A value that developers specify in the app manifest for their windows store apps. windows store apps use capabilities to declare that the app requires programmatic access to protected user resources, such as the pictures library, or connected devices, such as a webcam.

  3. The ability to perform a function, for example, the ability of a cloud to host highly available virtual machines is a capability, and the ability of a cloud to connect virtual machines to a certain logical network is a capability.

Felting, английский
    1. the process of exposing wool fibers alone or in combination with other fibers to mechanical and chemical action, pressure, moisture, and heat so that they tangle, shrink, and mat to form a compact material. felting is generally carried out in a fulling mill. (also see fulling.) 2. see needlepunching and needled fabric.

Calendering rolls, английский
    1. the main cylinders on a calender. 2. smooth or fluted rolls used on carious fiber-processing machines such as pickers and cards to compress the lap or sliver as it passes between them.