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Глоссарий по текстилю и текстильной промышленности
    1. the process of removing loose threads and knots from fabrics with a type of tweezers called a burling iron. 2. the process of correcting loose tufts and replacing missing tufts following carpet construction.

Construction, французский

Intermingling, английский
    1. use of air jets to create turbulence to entangle the filaments of continuous filaments yarns, without forming loops, after extrusion. provides dimensional stability and cohesion for further processing but is not of itself a texturing process. it is compatible with high-speed spin-drawing and high-speed take-up. when compared with twisting processes, it also permits increased take-up package size. 2. combining two or more yarns via an intermingling jet. can be used to get special effect yarns, i.e., mixing dye variants to get heather effects upon subsequent dyeing.

Felting, английский
    1. the process of exposing wool fibers alone or in combination with other fibers to mechanical and chemical action, pressure, moisture, and heat so that they tangle, shrink, and mat to form a compact material. felting is generally carried out in a fulling mill. (also see fulling.) 2. see needlepunching and needled fabric.