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Finite element analysis

Глоссарий по инфракрасному и термическому контролю
    Numerical technique for the analysis of a system whereby that system is decomposed into a collection of finite sized elements.1 focal plane array (fpa): linear or twodimensional matrix of detector elements, typically used at the focal plane of an instrument. in thermography, rectangular fpas are used in staring (nonscanning) infrared imagers. these are called irfpa imagers.3

Decomposed, английский

Collection, английский
  1. The accumulation of precipitation into surface and underground areas, including lakes, rivers, and aquifers.

  2. Прием средств, инкассо, сбор задолженности по кредитам

  3. Сбор; собирание; коллекция

  4. A container for organizing clips.

  5. A customer’s assemblage of digital media, including music, videos, pictures, games, and apps.

  6. A set of resources in the configuration manager hierarchy.

  7. A set of thematically related apps, games, music tracks, videos, or other items available for purchase or download in the store. a thematic group of editorially chosen apps and games for merchandising or marketing purposes.

  8. A type of specialized class in the .net framework for data storage and retrieval. these classes provide support for stacks, queues, lists, and hash tables. most collection classes implement the same interfaces, and these interfaces may be inherited to create new collection classes that fit more specialized data storage needs.

  9. An export format that maintains a group of images that is generated at export.

  10. An object that contains a set of related objects. an object’s position in the collection can change whenever a change occurs in the collection; therefore, the position of any specific object in a collection may vary.

  11. Automatic grouping of user’s photos and videos based on time and place.

  12. The presentation of a negotiable instrument for payment, or the conversion of any accounts receivable into cash.

  13. Экзамены в конце семестра в оксфорде

  14. Инкассо

Instrument, английский
  1. A term used to describe a sensor (or sensors), the associated transducer(s), and the data read-out or recording device.

  2. (измерительный) прибор

  3. One of many terms for a light, heard mostly in the theater. see: lights.

  4. A piece of equipment or a tool  the doctor had a box of surgical instruments.

  5. A term of extensive application among tools and weapons; but it is here introduced as an official conveyance of some right, or the record of some fact.

  6. A legal document that records an act or agreement and provides the evidence of that act or agreement. instruments include contracts, notes, and leases (e.g. a debt instrument).

  7. Навести инструмент ~ of application точка приложения (напр, силы) ~ of certainty тройная засечка ~ of compound curvature точка сопряжения двух кривых ~ of concentration замыкающий створ ~ of contraflexure точка перегиба ~ of curvature начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of cusp точка сопряжения обратных кривых ~ of grade intersection точка перелома в продольном профиле ~ of high stress concentration точка концентрации высоких [значительных] напряжений ~ of inflection точка перегиба ~ of intersection вершина угла (на плане трассы) ~ of lateral restraint точка бокового закрепления [защемления] (сжатого или изгибаемого элемента) ~ of support точка опоры ~ of switch конец остряка ~ of tangency начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of the maximum bending moment точка максимального изгибающего момента ~ of vertical curve начало вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical intersection вершина угла вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical tangent начало или конец вертикальной кривой ~ of zero moment точка нулевого момента (на эпюре моментов)

  8. Прибор, инструмент

  9. To tag the source code in order to measure the amount of time spent in each area.

  10. Инструмент

Thermography, английский
  1. The use of infrared thermography whereby temperatures of a wide variety of targets can be measured remotely and without contact. this is accomplished by measuring the infrared energy radiating from the surface of the target and converting this measurement to an equivalent surface temperature.

  2. A technique, used especially in screening for breast cancer, where part of the body is photographed using infrared rays which record the heat given off by the skin and show variations in the blood circulating beneath the skin

  3. Imaging or viewing of an object or process through sensing of heat emitted by it. the temperature patterns on the material surface produce corresponding radiation patterns. thus, heat flow by both conduction and radiation may be observed and used to locate material discontinuities. most often, thermography is based on sensing of infrared radiation. see also infrared thermography.

  4. In infrared and thermal testing, technique that uses infrared radiation to seek discontinuities in materials, components, and structures. thermography may be active (pulsed thermography or thermosonics) or passive (thermal wave imaging or infrared thermography).

Focal zone, английский
  1. Distance before and after the focal point in which the intensity differs a specified amount (usually 6 db) from the focal intensity. also called depth of field or depth of focus.1

  2. Distance before and after the focal point in which the intensity differs a specified amount (usually 6 db) from the focal intensity.7 also called depth of field or depth of focus.

Environmental rating, английский
    Rating given an operating unit (typically an electrical or mechanical enclosure) to indicate the limits of the environmental conditions under which the unit will function reliably and within published performance specifications.3