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24 сентября, 2021

2023 год в СНГ станет Годом русского языка

24 сентября, 2021

10 любопытных фактов о переводах. Часть 3

24 сентября, 2021

Лонглист Национальной книжной премии / National Book Award

23 сентября, 2021

Лингвистическая помощь: Как правильно - "дышащий" или "дышущий"?

23 сентября, 2021

Западноармянскому языку грозит полное исчезновение

22 сентября, 2021

Слово дня: Девушка

22 сентября, 2021

10 любопытных фактов о переводах. Часть 2

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Глоссарий музыкальных терминов по обработке и записи звука

Setup, английский

Set, английский
  1. Direction toward which the current is flowing.

  2. Permanent deformation in wood that occurs during drying when the tensile and compressive stress exceeds its elastic limit. set prevents normal shrinkage of the timber and can

  3. A collection of games; or a snooker or british term for a frozen combo shot; also, refers to the stroke-preparation position where the cue is held still, close to the cue ball, to verify aim and the desired cue-ball contact point.

  4. A set is a collection of things, without regard to their order.

  5. Small earth terminal

  6. Sensory evaluation test

  7. Setting

  8. Solar energy thermionic (conversion system)

  9. Specific energy of turn

  10. A construction or arrangement of walls, scenery, and props designed for the convenient lighting and shooting of scenes and, except for stills, sound recording.

  11. A permanent or semipermanent deformation

  12. The rapid development of rigidity in a freshly mixed portland cement paste, mortar, or concrete without the generation of much heat; this rigidity can be dispelled and plasticity regained by further mixing without addition of water. false tenon, inserted tenon a tenon of hardwood, inserted where the tenon of a jointed timber has insufficient strength.

  13. N множество correspondence major ~ наибольшее множество minor ~ меньшее множество paradigmatic ~ парадигматическое множество

  14. Направление течения -

  15. The direction of the current 2

  16. To trim the sails

  17. The direction in which a current flows, or of the wind. (see direction.)—to set, is to observe the bearings of any distant object by the compass. (see bearing.) also applied to the direction of the tide, as “the tide setting to the south,” is opposed to a swelling sea setting to the north-west. also, when applied to sails, implies the loosing and spreading them, so as to force the ship through the water on weighing. when in chase, or other emergency, the term is sometimes used as synonymous with make sail.

  18. [1] the direction of flow of a wind or current. [2] the arrangement of spars and sails. [3] to raise a sail. [4] to dig in as an anchor. [5] to establish something (e.g., set the watch). [6] to move a boat, punt, or barge with poles. [7] to adjust the sights of a weapon.

Establish, английский
  1. Устанавливать; основывать; создавать

  2. Установить

Установка, русский

Setup, английский