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Statistic terms - страница 2

object code
  1. This is the code which a computer recognises and acts upon as a direct consequence of its electromechanical construction. typically such code is highly abstract and unsuitable for use in gener...
multinomial distribution
  1. This is the distribution of outcomes expected if a certain number of independent trials are undertaken of a several separate bernouilli processes, to determine a number of alternative outcomes... распределение мультиномиальное;
resampling stats
    This is the name of an educational initiative involving the use of a programming language, in the form of an interpreter, allowing the user to specify monte-carlo resampling of a set of data and a...
    This is the name of the academic initiative which produced this present glossary. exact-stats is a closed e-mail based discussion group for the development and promulgation of the ideas of re-rand...
ranked data
  1. This refers to the practice of taking a set of n data, to be regarded as ordinal-scale, amd replacing each datum by its rank (1 .. n) within the set. also see : wilcoxon rank-sum test.

logistic regression
  1. This relates to an experimental design for predicting a binary categorical (yes/no) outome on the basis of predictor variables measured on interval scales. for each of a set of values of the p...
  1. This term has a distinct mathematical definition, but is also commonly used as a synonym for re-randomisation.

  2. A permutation of a set is an arrangement of the elements of the set in... перестановка; размещение;; перестановка; перемена;; размещение;
experimental design
  1. This term overtly refers to the planning of a process of data collection. the term is also used to refer to the information necessary to describe the interrelationships within a set of data. s... проект экспериментальный;
tied values
    Where data are represented by ranks, tied values lead to tied ranks. whether or not data are rep[resnted by ranks, for any test statistic the occurrence of tied values will increase the extent to ...
chi-squared distribution
    Where expected frequencies are sufficiently high, hypothesised distributions of counts may be approximated by a normal distribution rather than an exact binomial distribution. the corresponding di...
equivalent test statistic
    Within a randomisation set, it is possible that two different statistics may be inter-related in a manner which is provably monotonic irrespective of the data. in such a situation a randomisation ...
type-1 error
    error types
      alpha, beta, type-1 error, type-2 error;
      statistical significance
        alpha, nominal alpha criterion level; significance; статистическая значимость;
        type-2 error
          freeman-halton test
            fisher test;
            scale type
              measurement type;
              extended pascal
                permutation test
                  permutation, pitman permutation test;
                  2-way table
                    two-way table;
                    wilcoxon rank-sum test
                      wilcoxon test;

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