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Глоссарий по сварке

short circuit transfer
    Gets its name from the welding wire actually “short circuiting” (touching) the base metal many times per second. some spatter is produced, but the transfer can be used in all welding positions and...
globular transfer
    Named for “globs” of weld metal transferring across the arc in a gravity feed. droplets across the arc are usually larger than the electrode diameter. it does not produce a very smooth weld bead a... шаровой перенос;
pulsed-spray transfer
    For this variation of spray transfer, the welding machine “pulses” the output between high peak currents and low background currents. the weld pool gets to cool slightly during the background cycl...
spray transfer
    Named for a “spray” of tiny molten droplets across the arc, usually smaller than the wire diameter. uses relatively high voltage and amperage values, and the arc is “on” at all times after the arc...
air carbon arc cutting
    A cutting process by which metals are melted by the heat of an arc using a carbon electrode. molten metal is forced away from the cut by a blast of forced air.
    air carbon arc cutting;
    touch start
      A low-voltage, low-amperage arc starting procedure for tig (gtaw). the tungsten is touched to the workpiece; when the tungsten is lifted from the workpiece an arc is established.
    workpiece connection
      A means to fasten the work lead (work cable) to the work (metal to be welded on). also, the point at which this connection is made. one type of work connection is made with an adjustable clamp.
    pounds per square inch
    1. A measurement equal to a mass or weight applied to one square inch of surface area.

    2. Фунтов на квадратный дюйм
    psi; lbsqin; фунтов на квадратный дюйм (;
    pulsed mig
      A modified spray transfer process that produces no spatter because the wire does not touch the weld puddle. applications best suited for pulsed mig are those currently using the short circuit tran... mig-p;
      pulsed mig;
      pulsed tig
        A modified tig process appropriate for welding thinner materials.
        pulsed tig;
        submerged arc welding
        1. A process by which metals are joined by an arc or arcs between a bare metal electrode or electrodes and the work. shielding is supplied by a granular, fusible material usually brought to the w... saw; дуговая сварка под флюсом; сварка под флюсом;
        resistance spot welding
          A process in which two pieces of metal are joined by passing current between electrodes positioned on opposite sides of the pieces to be welded. there is no arc with this process. for more informa... rsw; сварка контактная точечная; точечная сварка сопротивлением;
        1. Refrigerated seawater tanks – the hold on (pelagic) fishing vessels

        2. Резервуары с охлажденной морской водой - трюм на (пелагических) рыболовных судах
        resistance spot welding; refrigerated seawater; охлажденная морская вода;
        ground connection
        1. A safety connection from a welding machine frame to the earth. workpiece connection for the difference between work connection and ground connection.

        2. Заземление
        advanced active field control technology
          A simple and reliable patented way of accurately controlling an engine drive's generator weld output.
          Allows a tig arc on the trailblazer® series to crater-out, allowing time for the addition of filler, without the loss of shielding gas. eliminates the need for a remote control at arc end.
          Allows a tig arc to be stopped without the loss of shielding gas on the trailblazer® series.
        multi-voltage plug
          sun vision
            Allows easy reading of digital meters in direct sunlight or shade on trailblazer 275 dc and 302.
            Allows for any primary input voltage within a range, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 hz. also adjusts for voltage spikes within the entire range.
          weld at idle
            Allows pipepro 304 to automatically weld at a quieter, lower rpm, using less fuel. when more output is required, he machine goes to high speed without a change in arc.
          syncro start
            Allows selectable customized arc starts on syncrowave® 200, syncrowave® 250 dx and 350 lx
            Allows you to use either a standard gun or a spoolmatic® gun on millermatic® 210, 251, and 350 without flipping a switch. the machine senses which gun you are using when you pull the trigger.
          mig welding
            Also referred to as solid wire welding. an arc welding process which joins metals by heating them with an arc. the arc is between a continuously fed filler metal (consumable) electrode and the wor... gmaw or gas metal arc welding;
          gmaw or gas metal arc welding
            mig welding;
            plasma arc cutting
            1. An arc cutting process which severs metal by using a constricted arc to melt a small area of the work. this process can cut all metals that conduct electricity. for more information on plasma ...
            flux cored arc welding
              An arc welding process which melts and joins metals by heating them with an arc between a continuous, consumable electrode wire and the work. shielding is obtained from a flux contained within the... fcaw;
              flux cored arc welding;
              stick welding
              1. An arc welding process which melts and joins metals by heating them with an arc, between a covered metal electrode and the work. shielding gas is obtained from the electrode outer coating, oft... smaw or shielded metal arc; shielded metal arc welding;
              smaw or shielded metal arc
                stick welding;
                three-phase circuit
                  An electrical circuit delivering three cycles within a 360 degree time span, and the cycles are 120 electrical degrees apart.
                single-phase circuit
                  An electrical circuit producing only one alternating cycle within a 360 degree time span.
                open-circuit voltage
                  As the name implies, no current is flowing in the circuit because the circuit is open. the voltage is impressed upon the circuit, however, so that when the circuit is completed, the current will f... ocv;
                  Operational coverage volume (eurocontrol)
                open-circuit voltage;
                fixed automation
                  Automated, electronically controlled welding system for simple, straight or circular welds.
                flexible automation
                1. Automated, robotically controlled welding system for complex shapes and applications where welding paths require torch-angle manipulation.

                2. Гибкая автоматизация; гибкая автоматика fl...
                  Automatically controls the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal, without manual re-triggering.
                  Automatically enhances stick welding, especially on pipe, by focusing the arc and preventing the electrode from going out.
                adaptive hot start
                  Automatically increases the output amperage at the start of a stick weld, should the start require it. helps eliminate sticking of the electrode at arc start.
                aluminum pulse hot start
                  Automatically provides more arc power to the millermatic® 350p to eliminate a "cold start" that is inherent with aluminum starts.
                auto remote sense
                  Automatically switches machine from panel to remote control with remote connected. available on dimension nt 450, xmt® 350, trailblazer® series, and pro 300. eliminates confusion and need for pane...
                active arc stabilizer
                  Enhances arc starts and provides a softer arc throughout all ranges, with less puddle turbulence and less spatter.
                wire feed speed
                  Expressed in in/min or mm/s, and refers to the speed and amount of filler metal fed into a weld. generally speaking the higher the wire feed speed, the higher the amperage.
                constant-speed wire feeder
                  Feeder operates from 24 or 115 vac supplied by the welding power source.
                voltage-sensing wire feeder
                  Feeder operates from arc voltage generated by welding power source.
                dual power option
                  Gives the option on the pipepro 304 engine drive to use 230 volt single- or three-phase electric input power, eliminating engine wear, noise and emissions, as well as fuel costs.
                volt-amp curve
                  Graph that shows the output characteristics of a welding power source. shows voltage and amperage capabilities of a specific machine.
                power efficiency
                  How well an electrical machine uses the incoming electrical power.
                engine save start
                  Idles engine 3
                automatic start at idle
                  Idles engine immediately when started, extending engine life and reducing fuel consumption and noise.
                wavewriter file management
                  Includes all axcess file management functions, plus a simple, graphical wave-shaping program for the most demanding pulsed mig applications.
                  Integrated cooler runs only when needed on syncrowave® 250 dx & 350 lx.
                wind tunnel technology
                  Internal air flow on many miller inverters, that protects electrical components and pc boards from contamination, significantly improving reliability.
                  Internal inverter power source circuit that automatically links the power source to the primary voltage being applied (230 v or 460 v), without the need for manually linking primary voltage termin...
                  Internal power source cooling system that only works when needed, keeping internal components cleaner.
                1. Keeps the output of a power source constant, regardless of minor fluctuations in input power.

                2. License validity conditions

                3. Low visibility conditions (airial)
                line voltage compensation; line coding violations; line code violation;
                line voltage compensation
                  1. Kilovolt-amperes. the total volts times amps divided by 1,000, demanded by a welding power source from the primary power furnished by the utility company.

                  2. Kilovolt ampere (boeing ac... kilovolt-amperes; kilovolt-ampere; киловольт-ампер, кв-а;
                    weld transfer
                      Method by which metal is transferred from the wire to the molten puddle.
                      Mig process that delivers precise control of the arc even over tack welds and in tight corners. provides optimum and precise molten puddle control.
                    power factor correction
                      Normally used on single-phase, constant current power sources, to reduce the amount of primary amperage demanded from the power company while welding.
                    tig welding
                      Often called tig welding (tungsten inert gas), this welding process joins metals by heating them with a tungsten electrode which should not become part of the completed weld. filler metal is somet... gtaw or gas tungsten arc;
                    gtaw or gas tungsten arc
                      tig welding;
                      primary power
                        Often referred to as the input line voltage and amperage available to the welding machine from the shop's main power line. often expressed in watts or kilowatts (kw), primary input power is ac and...
                      1. One or more integrated circuits that can be programmed with stored instructions to perform a variety of functions.

                      2. The heart of the computer. this is a silicon chip with the compute... microprocesador .; микропроцес;
                        Optimizes the size and shape of the arc cone, bead width and appearance, and puddle fluidity. available on the millermatic® 350/350p.
                      fastip contact tip
                        Patented, single-turn for quick change
                      trigger reset
                        Permits quick reset at gun rather than at machine.
                      1. Power source which increases the frequency of the incoming primary power, thus providing for a smaller size machine and improved electrical characteristics for welding, such as faster response... inv; invtr; инвертор; (electr.) инвертор; инвертирующий элемент; invertidor; инвертор;; логический элемент не;;
                      regulated metal deposition
                        Precisely controlled short-circuit transfer technology, available as an option on axcess models. for spatter reduction, up to 20% reduced heat input, or filling gaps.
                      1. Repair and modification directive

                      2. Hans rudolf manual deutsch

                      3. Miscellaneous dangerous goods (ahm)++/ hide miscellaneous dangerous goods (labelled) example: n/a on lds
                        <... regulated metal deposition; repair and modification directive; hans rudolf manual deutsch; rhine-main-danuhe navigation system;
                        shielding gas
                          Protective gas used to prevent atmospheric contamination of the weld pool.
                        газовая защита;

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