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Глоссарий терминов в печати

vellum finish
    A toothy finish that is relatively absorbent for fast ink penetration.
spiral binding
    A book bound with wires in spiral form inserted through holes punched along the binding side.
aqueous coating
    A coat of water-based varnish that protects a printed piece from scuffs and scratches. aqueous coating dries instantly.
wire-o binding
    A continuous double series of wire loops run through punched slots along the binding side of a booklet.
self cover
    A cover of the same paper as inside text pages.
plus cover
    A cover printing on different paper than inside text pages.
    A perfecting press prints both sides of the sheet at the same time.
    A process whereby letters or other mailing items are mechanically inserted into an envelope; the envelope is then sealed and kept in postal sort order. most lettershops can insert into envelopes u...
laser printing/personalization
    A process whereby letters or other mailing items may be printed using laser technology; personalization fields may be programmed into the body of a letter and pulled directly from your mailing lis...
  1. A proofreader`s mark, written in the margin, signifying that copy marked for correction should remain as it was.

  2. Proofreader mark that means ‘let it stand’: used to direct retention...
  1. A term for a two-color halftone reproduction from a one-color photograph.

  2. An image that uses only varying levels of a single color to display the image. for example, a black and whi...
perfect bind
    A type of binding that glues the edge of sheets to a wraparound cover.
lpi (lines per inch)
    Acronym for lines per inch. used as a measurement of resolution or halftone screening.
fugitive glue
    Adhesive used to affix items to a printed piece (such as plastic or paper cards, magnets, etc.). allows for removal of the item without tearing the carrier piece.
make ready
  1. All work done to set up a press for printing. happens after prepress. after proofs are checked and plates are made, the printing plates are mounted and the press brought into register.

ocr (optical character recognition)
    An electronic means of scanning (reading) copy, and converting the scanned image to an electronic equivalent. the ability to "read" printed text (characters) and convert it to digitized ...
opaque ink
    An ink that conceals all color beneath it.
data processing/postal presorting
    Cass-dpv (coding accuracy support system-delivery point validation)
pms (pantone matching system®)
    Color charts that have more than 1000 preprinted color patches of blended inks, used to identify, display, or define special "branded" colors. pms is the standard ink color system used b...
    Copying and duplicating.
reprografía .;
pdf (portable document format)
    Created by adobe, a pdf is a portable file format intended to facilitate document exchange. pdfs are often the print industry standard for proofing, and they are intended to deliver the same resul...
  1. Double printing; printing over an area that already has been printed.

  2. Печать поверх

  3. The process of superimposing a new set of features over a preexisting set due to a shi... новый структурный план;
printer spreads
    Each page needs to be printed next to it is true opposing page, versus the way it will look in the end after it is bound. use your mock version as your guide and double check with the printer to m...
saddle stitch
  1. In binding, to fasten a booklet by wiring it through the middle fold or spine of folded sheets. also called saddle wire.

  2. A book binding method whereby pages are stapled along the sp...
raster image processor (rip)
    In digital imaging, a combination of computer software and hardware that controls the printing process by calculating the bitmaps of images and instructing a printing or plate setting device to cr...
eps (encapsulated postscript)
    In digital prepress, a file format used to transfer graphic images (primarily line art) within compatible applications. a file containing structured postscript code, comments, and a screen display...
  1. In printing, the ability to print a wet ink film over previously printed ink. dry trapping is printing wet ink over dry ink. wet trapping is printing wet ink over previously printed wet ink. захвата; селективное;
foil stamping
    In this process a piece of colored foil is placed between a piece of paper and a die. the die is heated and it is pressed against the foil and paper. through the uses of heat and pressure the colo...
inkjet personalization/addressing
    Ink is emitted from a series of nozzles in a print head, spraying drops of ink directly on the paper as the nozzles pass over a variety of possible media. most often used in lettershops to address...
trim marks
    Marks placed on the copy to indicate the edge of the page.
pressure-sensitive paper
    Material with an adhesive coating, protected by a backing sheet until used.
overs and unders
    Only digital presses can literally print the number of pieces you order. other presses will print extra copies (overs) or even print fewer than you order (unders). printers can print 10% more or l...
coated paper
  1. Paper having a surface coating that produces a smooth finish. surface appearances may vary from eggshell to glossy.

  2. Paper that has clay or other coating applied to one or both sides... бумага,мелованная;
wove paper
  1. Paper having a uniform unlined surface and a soft smooth finish.

  2. Бумагоподобный материал, изготовляемый из хорошо выделанной телячьей кожи, характеризуемый высокой плотностью и глад...
  1. Paper made mostly from groundwood pulp and small amounts of chemical pulp that is used for printing newspapers.

  2. Газетная бумага

  3. Бумага неклееная, малозольная с преобладаю... бумага, газетная;
laid paper
  1. Paper with a pattern of parallel lines at equal distances, giving a ribbed effect.

  2. Бумага с водяным знаком из близко расположенных друг от друга в машинном направлении параллельных ...
process printing
    Printing from a series of two or more plates to produce intermediate colors and shades.
    Simulation of final printed piece made by photomechanical or digital means for client approval. most common proofs are digital dylux proofs (for content) and matching proofs (for color).
plate cylinder
    The cylinder of a press on which the plate is mounted. each plate and cylinder prints one color of ink or may be used for varnish or coating.
    The evaluation and analysis of every component in a file needed to produce a printing job. preflight confirms the data being submitted, color gamut, color breaks, and any art required (illustratio...
    The process of cleaning the rollers, form or plate, and sometimes the ink fountain of a printing press.
    The process of using sharp steel rules to cut special shapes for labels, boxes, folders, and containers from printed sheets.
    The specification of acceptable variations in register, density, dot size, plate or paper thickness, concentration of chemicals, and other printing parameters.
page count
    The total number of pages in a book or other publication including blanks.
    The undesirable condition in which the printing on the reverse side of a sheet can be seen through the sheet under normal lighting conditions.
    To print one side of a sheet of paper, then turn it over from left to right and print the second side using the same gripper and plate but opposite side guide.
    Un-enveloped letter-size mail pieces prepared for automation rate mailings must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment; tabbing is also referred t...
flood varnish
    Varnish used to coat an entire printed sheet.
spot varnish
    Varnish used to highlight a specific area of the printed sheet.
jpeg (the joint photographic experts group)
    Was formed to create a standard for color and gray scale image compression. jpeg describes a variety of algorithms (rules), each of which is targeted for a specific type of image application. jpeg...
web printing
    Web printing refers to work produced on large presses that use rolls (webs) of paper, as opposed to paper that`s cut into sheets. web printing is suitable for very large quantities and/or very lon...
  1. Work which cannot be done by machine including sorting (mail that is already addressed), labeling, matching, inserting (most standard invitations cannot be inserted by machine due to equipment...
process colors
    Yellow, magenta, and cyan, plus black in four-color process printing. referred to as cmyk.
    Zipping is the act of packaging a set of files into a single file or archive that is called a zip file. usually, the files in a zip file are compressed so that they take up less space in storage o...

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