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Risk Management Glossary

accounting compliance software
    Software solution that assists companies to keep up with rapidly changing legal requirements for accounting.
aml compliance software
    Software that help companies to comply with the anti-money-laundering regulations.
anti-money laundering compliance regulations
    This legal program is designed to prevent money service businesses from being used to facilitate money laundering & the financing of terrorism.
arrow ii compliance software
    Business software that helps companies to comply with financial & accounting regulations.
audit management
    Ensures that a company implements board-approved audit directives. audits ensure that information is reliable & valid. they also assess a system's , internal control.
bank compliance software
    Software that helps companies comply with the regulations & statutes regarding banking.
basel accord(s)
    Banking supervision accords held at the bank of international settlements in basel, switzerland. rigorous risk & capital management requirements are designed to ensure that a bank holds capital re...
basel 1
    The second of basel accord.
basel 2
    Observance of regulations created at the second basel accord.
basel 2 compliance
    A method of solving inconsistencies in companies & organizations compliance with regulations created at the second basel accord.
basel 2 software
    Basel 2.
basel ii
  1. Basel 2 compliance.

  2. Revised capital adequacy framework issued by the basel committee on banking supervision issued in june 2004. the committee intends the framework set out in basel...
basel ii compliance
    Basel 2 software.
basel solution
    Basel 2 software.
common data repository
    "1) a location where data is stored & maintained for future retrieval.
2) a place where multiple databases, or files are made accessible over a network.
    3) a computer location that is directly accessible to a user without having to travel across a network"
      compliance audits
        Audits are performed to ascertain the validity & reliability of information. also a compliance audit assesses a system's internal control, ensuring that an organization complies with legislation.<...
      compliance management
        Ensuring that the actions of members of an organization or company complies with a set of rules or legislation.
      compliance monitoring
      1. Monitoring to ensure that the actions of members within an organization or company comply with a set of rules or legislation.

      2. Контроль за соблюдением установленных требований (контр...
      compliance monitoring program
        Often a software program which helps management ensure that the actions of members within an organization or company comply with a set of rules, legislation or policy.
      compliance software
        Tool to ensure that the actions of members within an organization or company comply with a set of rules, policy or legislation.
      compliance software data sheets
        Document summarizing the performance & other characteristics of the compliance software
      compliance software finance
        Tool to ensure that the financial transactions of a company or organization complies with a set of rules, policy or legislation.
      compliance software for iso
        Software that complies with regulations set by the international organization for standardization (iso)
      compliance software solutions
        , compliance software
      compliance training
        Training sessions to learn about managing compliance.
      convergence grc
        A single governance, risk & compliance software platform which supports multiple grc applications.
      data center security and iso compliance software
        Securing a facility used to house computer systems such as telecommunications, back-up & storage systems. compliance software for iso
      financial compliance vendors
        Companies that sell compliance software
      fsa personnel compliance software
        Compliance software that ensures personnel systems comply with , fsa regulations.
      fsa regulations
        Regulations created by the financial services authority (fsa). the fsa is a company (limited by guarantee) that regulates the financial services industry in the united kingdom. it is an independen...
        Governance, risk management & compliance (g.r.c) is a term outlining multiple overlapping & related activities within an organization's operation. governance: creating organizational transparency ...
      governance risk and compliance
      governance risk compliance
      governance risk management
      grc architecture
        Each grc project can be managed autonomously, while sharing relevant information with the other grc projects running in parallel.
      grc convergence
        Reflects the new method in which organizations may adopt an integrated approach to g.r.c.
      grc convergence software
        Software platform enabling organizations to adopt an integrated approach to g.r.c. using the , grc architecture.
      grc data model
        An abstract model that describes how grc data is represented & accessed.
      grc datamodel
        Misspelling for grace data model.
      grc for insurance companies
      grc framework
        Grc architecture
      grc in basel
        Basel 2 compliance.
      grc internal audit
        , internal audit.
      grc jobs
        Jobs in the field of g.r.c. & , grc software
      grc software
        Grc convergence software.
      grc solution architect
        Grc architecture
      grc terminology
        Terms relating to grc
      grc training
        Training sessions to learn about managing grc.
      integrated grc
        Grc convergence.
      integrated grc framework
        Grc convergence.
      integrated internal audit software
        Internal audit software that integrated into the , grc framework.
      internal audit
      1. Analyzing business processes, procedures & activities to help a company or organization achieve their stated goals & objectives. the process includes highlighting organizational problems & rec... внутренний аудит;
      internal audit management software
        Software used to manage the , internal audit process
      internal audit software
        Internal audit management software.
      internal audit solutions
        Internal audit software.
      internal control
        A process effected by an organization's structure, work flow, people & management information systems. internal control is designed to help the business/organization accomplish specific goals or o... внутренний контроль;
      internal fsa compliance software up
        Compliance software that ensures internal systems comply with , fsa regulations.
      international internal audit software
        Internal audit software that ensures compliance with international standards.
      internet banking 'risk management'
        The need to control the level of risk regarding online banking. strengthening & monitoring the security weaknesses in internet-based processes so not to create opportunities for savvy hackers to c...
      iso compliance software
        Compliance software for iso.
      it governance, risk and compliance software
        Sof?ware framework that aligns it operations with corporate objectives & standards as well as complies with international standards & regulations.
      it grc framework
        , it governance, risk & compliance software.
      it grc solutions
        Software that solves the issue of it risk & compliance.
      law firm compliance software
        Software that complies with regulations & standards as set out for legal firms.
      legal risk
      1. Risk from uncertainty due to legal actions. may also refer to uncertainty in the applicability or interpretation of contracts, laws or regulations.

      2. The risk associated with the impa... риск юридический;
      licence compliance software
        Misspelling for license compliance software.
      markets in financial instruments directive (mifid)
        Markets in financial instruments directive (mifid) is a european union law that enables a harmonized regulatory system for investment services across the 30 european member states. the goal is to ...
      mifid grc
        Governance, risk management & compliance (g.r.c) according to markets in financial instruments directive (mifid).
      mifid support software
        Software supporting the mifid regulations.
      operational risk
      1. Risk that arises from the execution of a company's business functions. , basel 2 defines operational risk as a loss resulting from failed internal processes, people and systems, or from extern...
      operational risk and basel 2/solvency 2
        Operational risk.
      operational risk management
      1. Operational risk management (orm) a continual process that results in the acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of , operational risk.

      2. Управление операционными рисками
      operational risk software
        Software used to ensure , operational risk management
      operational risk solvency 2
        Operational risk.
      oprisk software
        Operational risk software

      Risk Management Glossary

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