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Preferred stock

Англо-итальянский финансовый глоссарий
  1. A security that shows ownership in a corporation and gives the holder a claim, prior to the claim of common stockholders, on earnings and also generally on assets in the event of liquidation. most preferred stock pays a fixed dividend that is paid prior to the common stock dividend, stated in a dollar amount or as a percentage of par value. this stock does not usually carry voting rights. preferred stock has characteristics of both common stock and debt.

  2. Привилегированная акция

Azione privilegiata, итальянский
    E un titolo azionario, di cui esistono svariate categorie, privilegiato rispetto a quello ordinario per la distribuzione dei dividendi e per il rimborso del capitale, ma senza il diritto di voto nelle assemblee ordinarie. l`ammontare dei dividendi di spet

Preference shares, английский
    Shares which carry a right to a prior and usually fixed dividend, ahead of dividends paid to ordinary shareholders.

Preferred, английский
  1. Предпочтительный; целесообразный

  2. A предпочитаемый system prefix n

  3. Предпочитаемый; привилегированный

  4. Use alluvial fan). compare - alluvial fan, alluvial cone. (b) a fan-shaped mass of congealed lava that formed on a steep slope by the continually changing direction of flow. gg

Preferred axis of magnetization, английский
    Ось предпочтительного намагничивания

Preferred bidder, английский
    Победитель торгов

Preferred channel, английский
    Знак для предпочтительного канала

Preferred claim, английский
    Преимущественное право требования

Preferred class, английский

Preferred credit, английский
    Преференциальный кредит

Preferred creditor, английский

Preferred creditor status, английский
    Статус привилегированного кредитора (о

Preferred debt, английский
    Первоочередной долг

Preferred delivery method, английский

Preferred distribution point, английский
    A distribution point with an associated boundary group that includes the client’s current location on the network.

Preferred dividend, английский
    Дивиденд по привилегированным акциям

Preferred dividend coverage, английский
    Net income after interest and taxes (before common stock dividends) divided by preferred stock dividends.

Preferred embodiment, английский
    Предпочтительный вариант (осуществления изобретения)

Preferred equity redemption stock (perc), английский
    Preferred stock that converts automatically into equity at a stated date. a limit is placed on the value of the shares the investor receives.

Preferred gateway server, английский
    Предпочтительный сервер шлюза

Preferred habitat theory, английский
    A biased expectations theory that believes the term structure reflects the expectation of the future path of interest rates as well as risk premium. the theory rejects the assertion that the risk premium must rise uniformly with maturity, but instead profits that to the extent that the demand for and supply of funds do not match for a given maturity range, some participants will shift to maturities showing the opposite imbalances, as long as they are compensated by an appropriate risk premium whose magnitude will reflect the extent of aversion to either price or reinvestment risk.

Preferred language, английский
    A language selected by the user for viewing menus, dialog boxes, messages, and help files. if none is selected, the system-preferred language is displayed.

Preferred modular dimensions [sizes], английский

Preferred ordinary share, английский
    Обыкновенная акция с фиксированным дивидендом

Corporation, английский
  1. A group of persons who get a charter granting them as a body certain legal powers, rights, privileges, and liabilities as an individual

  2. A business owned by investors who buy part of the company through shares of stock.

  3. См. corporate body

  4. Корпорация; общество, см. corporate enterprises; corporate institution

  5. A legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. a corporation is allowed to own assets, incur liabilities, and sell securities, among other things.

Liquidation, английский
  1. Закрытие открытой валютной позиции.

  2. The finalization of a customs entry

  3. A company in liquidation is a company in the process of being dissolved or wound up, and its assets, if any, after payment of its debts, distributed to the shareholders.

  4. Ликвидация

Percentage, английский
  1. Pourcentage

  2. Процент

  3. The proportion rate in every hundred or for every hundred  what is the percentage of long-stay patients in the hospital?

  4. Процент; процентное содержание; процентный состав; процентное отношение percentage-of-completion method метод "по мере готовности"

  5. Процентное значение; значение величины, выраженное в процентах; процентное содержание о ~ by

  6. Комиссионные (выраженные в процентах)

Characteristics, английский
  1. The distinguishing qualities of a navigation aid or buoy, including shape and color, whether fixed or flashing, and flashing sequence.

  2. A high-performance fiber with high chemical resistance that does not burn in air. it has no melting point and does not drip when exposed to flame. the fiber and fabrics from pbi retain their flexibility, dimensional stability, and significant strength without embrittlement even when exposed to flame or extreme heat. the fiber emits little smoke in extreme conditions. it processes well on conventional textile equipment, having processing characteristics similar to polyester. it can be used in 100% form or blended with other fibers. it has a high moisture regain and low modulus with comfort properties similar to cotton. the natural color of pbi is a gold-khaki shade, but it can be dyed to almost any medium to dark shade with conventional basic dyes.

  3. Acetate fabrics are in appearance fast-drying, wrinkle and shrinkage resistant, crisp or soft in hand depending upon the end use.

  4. Although modacrylics are similar to acrylics in properties and application, certain important differences exist. modacrylics have superior resistance to chemicals and combustion, but they are more heat sensitive (lower safe ironing temperature) and have a higher specific gravity (less cover).

  5. Although the properties of the nylons described above vary in some respects, they all exhibit excellent strength, flexibility, toughness, elasticity, abrasion resistance, washability, ease of drying, and resistance to attack by insects and microorganisms.

  6. Because acrylic fibers are thermoplastic, fabrics may be heat-set for wrinkle resistance and to provide permanency to pleats. acrylic fabrics have low moisture absorbency and dry relatively quickly. in general, acrylic fibers are resistant to the degrading effects of ultraviolet rays in sunlight and to a wide range of chemicals and fumes. they provide warmth in fabrics that are lightweight, soft, and resilient. acrylic fibers have relatively poor flame resistance compared with other fibers. some acrylic fabrics, particularly knit types, approximate the hand of fine wool. because of the composition and cross section of the fiber, fabrics made therefrom have a high bulk to weight ratio. this is further enhanced with the so-called “high bulk” spun yarns.

  7. Glass fiber is incombustible and will tolerate heat up to 1000°f without material damage. potential strength is not realized in woven fabrics or even in yarns, because the fiber is brittle and fracture points may develop, but nevertheless, very high tensile strength is obtained in woven fabrics, and is retained at elevated temperatures. the fiber originally was difficult to color but methods have been developed to accomplish this. moisture absorption is low. electrical and insulation resistance is high.

  8. Polychlal fibers have a soft, lamb’s wool-like hand and moderate moisture regain. the fibers are also characterized by high flame resistance and high abrasion resistance.

  9. Polyester fibers have high strength and are resistant to shrinking and stretching. fabrics are quick drying and tend to have wrinkle resistance and crease retention, wet and dry. polyester is used alone and in blends. it has been one of the first fibers to be developed in fabrics with durable-press features.

  10. Polyethylene fibers have a low specific gravity, extremely low moisture regain, the same tensile strength wet and dry, and are resistant to attack by mildew and insects. these qualities have made polyethylene fiber suitable for industrial applications, geotextiles, outdoor furniture, and similar applications. polyethylene fiber does not dye, and in most cases, it is colored by the addition of pigments and dyes to the material prior to spinning. it has a low melting point, a property that has restricted its use in apparel.

  11. Polypropylene fibers have a number of advantages over polyethylene fibers in the field of textile applications. the degree of crystallinity, 72 to 75%, results in a fiber that is strong and resilient, and does not fibrillate like high-density polyethylene. polypropylene has a high work of rupture, which indicates a tough fiber, and may be made with tenacities as high as 8.0 to 8.5 grams per denier. the melting point of polypropylene is 165°c, which is low by comparison with nylon or polyester, but is high enough to make it suitable for most textile applications. so light that it actually floats, polypropylene fiber provides greater coverage per pound than any other fiber. it is highly resistant to mechanical abuse and chemical attack.

  12. Rayon yarns are made in a wide range of types in regard to size, physical characteristics, strength, elongation, luster, handle, suppleness, etc. they may be white or solution dyed. strength is regulated by the process itself and the structure of the yarn. (also see polynosic fiber.) luster is reduced by including delustering materials, such as titanium dioxide pigments, in the fiber when it is extruded. the suppleness of the yarn is controlled by the number of filaments in the yarn, the denier or gauge of the individual filaments or fibers, and the fiber cross-section.

  13. Spandex is lighter in weight, more durable, and more supple than conventional elastic threads and has between two and three times their restraining power. spandex is extruded in a multiplicity of fine filaments which immediately form a monofilament. it can be repeatedly stretched over 500% without breaking and still recover instantly to its original length. it does not suffer deterioration from oxidation as is the case with fine sizes of rubber thread, and it is not damaged by body oils, perspiration, lotions, or detergents.

Azione privilegiata, итальянский
    E un titolo azionario, di cui esistono svariate categorie, privilegiato rispetto a quello ordinario per la distribuzione dei dividendi e per il rimborso del capitale, ma senza il diritto di voto nelle assemblee ordinarie. l`ammontare dei dividendi di spet

Azione ordinaria, итальянский
    In una societa per azioni, titolo rappresentativo di una frazione di capitale. chi e in possesso di questa categoria di azioni ha la facolta di partecipare alle assemblee ed esercitare il diritto di voto, oltre a percepire un dividendo nella misura stabil