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Drain valve

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
  1. A plastic or brass valve located near the bottom of the water heater that allows the tank to be drained when the water heater needs to be replaced and also permits periodic partial draining by the homeowner to flush out sediments that may have accumulated

  2. Device designed to allow drainage of stored contents from a water heater.

  3. Small petcock or valve through which un¬wanted liquids that collect in a pipe system or mech¬anism are drained.

  4. Valve by which condensation is removed from the reservoirs of an air brake system,

Спускной клапан, русский

Дренажное отверстие, русский

Кран сливной, русский

Выпускной, русский

Drain, французский

Drain, английский
  1. Дренаж; слив

  2. Слив (конденсата, топлива)

  3. Drainage

  4. A tube to remove liquid from the body  verb to remove liquid from the body  an operation to drain the sinus  they drained the pus from the abscess.

  5. Утечка; непроизводительный расход

  6. Порция пива и т.п. в баре

Drain (ing) -, английский
    Сливная полка раковины

Drain -, английский
    Голова дрены

Drain - piege, французский

Drain cock, английский
  1. A small cock or faucet, at the lowest point in a tank, for draining off the liquid.

  2. Used to discharge compressed air from reservoirs. as air is expelled under high pressure, these cocks are normally provided with baffles to reduce the pressure as the air escapes. note that brake reservoirs are not usually provided with drain cocks as they are part of a safety system although they have a sealed, screwed plug for maintenance purposes. drain cocks are also useful for draining water which collects in reservoirs as a result of condensation.

Drain d i tch, английский

Drain de charrue - taupe, французский

Drain envelope, английский
    Дренажный фильтр

Drain field, английский

Drain head, английский
    Исток дрены

Drain hole, английский
  1. Дренажное отверстие

  2. A borehole drilled into a water-bearing formation or mine workings through which the water can be withdrawn or drained.

  3. Any hole provided in the base covering or housing on a machine through which oil or liquids can be withdrawd.

Drain junctions,, английский
    P`l соединительные детали для керамического дренажа

Drain length per unit area, английский
    Удельная протяженность дрен

Drain line, английский
    Дренажная линия

Drain off (to), английский

Drain port, английский
    Окно, отверстие, штуцер слива, дренажа

Drain spout, английский

Drain system cooler, английский

Drain tank, английский

Drain tank pump, английский

Condensation, английский
  1. Beads or drops of water (and frequently frost in extremely cold weather) that accumulate on the inside of the exterior covering of a building. use of louvers or attic ventilators will reduce moisture condensation in attics. a vapor barrier under the gypsu

  2. Excessive water vapor formed at low combustion gas temperatures.

  3. The change of state of water from the vapor to the liquid phase. results in liberation of 80 calories per cubic centimeter.

  4. Уплотнение; сжатие

  5. Конденсация drop ~ капельная конденсация

  6. When water vapour becomes a liquid.

  7. Конденсация. переход вещества из парообразного в жидкое состояние, обычно в результате охлаждения. этот термин также применяется для обозначения химической реакции, в ходе которой два вещества соединяются с выделением воды или простого спирта.

Pilot flame, английский
    A small, constantly burning flame positioned next to the gas burner. when the thermostat calls for water heating and gas begins to flow through the burner, the pilot flame ignites the gas causing full burner operation.

Insulation r value, английский
    A measurement of how well a water heater’s insulation will help prevent radiant heat loss through the tank. the r value of one inch (1”) of foam insulation is 8.33. a higher r value will help increase the overall energy factor.