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Piezo igniter

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
    A special feature on state fvir design gas water heater. during installation, or if the pilot flame is extinguished for any reason, the piezo igniter allows the pilot flame to be re-lit without matches with just the push of a button located outside the wa

Ignitability, английский
    The ease with which ignition of a material can be initiated.

Ignitability (dust cloud), английский

Ignitable gas, английский
    Any gas or the gas phase of any material that is capable of fueling a fire and burning, including a flammable gas (nfpa 921).

Ignitable liquid, английский
  1. Any liquid or the liquid phase of any material that is capable of fueling a fire, including a flammable liquid, combustible liquid, or any other material that can be liquefied and burned (nfpa 921).

  2. Any liquid or the liquid phase of any material that is capable of fueling a fire, including a flammable liquid, combustible liquid, or any other material that can be liquefied and burned.

Ignitable mixture, английский
    A generic term used to describe either a mixture of dust in air or a hybrid mixture that can burn, flame, or explode and that is within its flammable range (nfpa 499).

Ignitabulum, i, n, латинский

Ignite, английский

Ignited pilot, английский
    Зажигательное устройство (горелки для сжигания продуктов скважины при пробной эксплуатации)

Igniter, английский
  1. Воспламенитель

  2. A component that provides high-voltage electric current needed to start a discharge lamp.

  3. Electronic ignition module that acts as a voltage booster or amplifier.

Igniter circuit tester, английский
    Прибор для проверки электроцепи воспламенителя

Igniter cord, английский

Igniter gas, английский
    Продукты сгорания заряда воспламенителя

Igniter set, английский

Igniter, spark igniter, spark plug, английский

Ignitibility index (scale 0-20),, английский

Igniting, английский

Ignition, английский
  1. Allumage

  2. Зажигание, воспламенение; запуск (двигателя)

  3. The initiation of combustion, as evidenced by flame, glow, or explosion.

  4. The process of initiating self-sustained combustion.

  5. Initiation of combustion. see also compression ignition engine

Ignition, английский

Ignition, немецкий

Ignition and separation assembly, английский
    Система воспламенения и отделения [разделения, расцепки]

Ignition arch, английский

Installation, английский
  1. Сооружение

  2. Setting up exhibit booth and materials according to instructions and drawings.

  3. The process of adding software to a computer system.

  4. Facilitating the acquisition of a new strategy or behaviour. a new strategy may be installed through some combination of nlp skills or techniques and/or any combination thereof.

  5. The act of connecting a customer to a network, e.g., telephone service.

  6. Введение в должность

Extinguish, английский
    Retire or pay off debt.

Draft diverter, английский
  1. A steel cap placed on top of a standard atmospheric gas water heater centered directly over the flue tube outlet. the vent piping leading out of the water heater is attached to the draft diverter, which helps ensure that products of combustion leaving the

  2. A device fitted in the flue way of a gas appliance to prevent updraft, downdraft or the secondary flue blockage from obstructing the escape of products of combustion or otherwise affecting the normal operation of the appliance.

Self-cleaning, английский
    A special feature on better and best state water heaters, which introduces cold water into the tank in such a way that very small particles of lime and other sediment are kept in motion so they don’t accumulate on the bottom or the tank or on the electric