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Flammable vapor ignition resistant (fvir) gas water heaters

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
    All 30, 40 and 50-gallon state standard-vent gas water heaters are now fvir design gas water heaters. they are equipped with an advanced system designed to help prevent the accidental ignition of flammable vapors from gasoline and other sources outside th

Accidental, английский
    Несуществующая черта, случайный элемент

Standard-vent gas water heaters, английский
    Also known as atmospheric vent. draw all air needed for proper burner operation from the indoor air around the water heater and vents products of combustion vertically, through the roof of the home.

Draft diverter, английский
  1. A steel cap placed on top of a standard atmospheric gas water heater centered directly over the flue tube outlet. the vent piping leading out of the water heater is attached to the draft diverter, which helps ensure that products of combustion leaving the

  2. A device fitted in the flue way of a gas appliance to prevent updraft, downdraft or the secondary flue blockage from obstructing the escape of products of combustion or otherwise affecting the normal operation of the appliance.