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Expansion tank

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
  1. An expansion tank is a small tank designed for installation in the cold water line leading into a water heater. installation of an expansion tank is highly recommended with every water heater and may be required by code in your area. an expansion tank pro

  2. A tank installed on the incoming water line that absorbs expanding water and prevents pressure build up inside the water heater.

  3. Designed to absorb excess pressure due to thermal expansion, e.g. closed system.

  4. A tank in a hot-water heating system, above the heating tank, which allows for the increased volume of water when heated.

  5. A small tank, pipe-connected to the main cargo tank, which serves the same purpose as an expansion hatch, but on a larger scale.

Expansión de la imagen, испанский

Expansibility, английский

Expansible mandrel, английский

Expansible system, английский
    Расширяемая система

Expansio [onis, f], латинский

Expansion, английский
  1. The lengthening of rails under the influence of rising temperatures.

  2. Расширение

  3. The increase in length or volume of a material, or a body, caused by temperature, moisture, or other environmental condition.

  4. N распро- странение

  5. Пересчет на натуру (результатов модельных испытаний)

  6. Extending an existing building via construction of additional space.

  7. Phase of the business cycle as it climbs from a trough toward a peak.

  8. Подача насоса; расширение газовой полости гидроаккумулятора см. также delivery

Expansion, английский

Expansion, английский

Expansion, английский

Expansion (in a switching stage), английский

Expansion -, английский
  1. Расширительная [компенсационная] труба fall ~ водосточная труба

  2. Эластичная прокладка (в температурных швах) 547 strip

Expansion / contraction bellows, английский

Expansion anchor, английский

Expansion attic, английский
    An unfinished attic in a completed house, capable of being converted into livable area.

Expansion bay, английский
    Отсек расширения

Expansion bearing, английский
    A support at the end of a span where provision is made for the expansion and contraction of the structure. expansion bend, expansion loop a bend (usually in the form of a horseshoe or ?) which is inserted in a pipe run to provide for the expansion of the pipe resulting from a temperature change. expansion bit 379 expansion bends expanded metal expansion bit, expansive bit a bit, of adjustable size, for cutting holes in wood. (

Expansion bend., английский

Expansion bend. coin, quoin 1. the corner of a building. 2. the stones or bricks which form the corner. 3.a wedge., английский

Expansion bend. expansion joint 1. a joint or gap between adjacent parts of a building, structure, or concrete work which permits their relative movement due to temperature changes (or other conditions) without rupture or damage. 2. an expansion bend., английский

Expansion bit, английский
  1. Paddy bit.

  2. A drill bit that may be adjusted to cut various sizes of holes. the adjustment of some types may be accomplished by mechanical means while the bit is inside the borehole. also called paddy or paddy bit.

Expansion bit., английский

Installation, английский
  1. Сооружение

  2. Setting up exhibit booth and materials according to instructions and drawings.

  3. The process of adding software to a computer system.

  4. Facilitating the acquisition of a new strategy or behaviour. a new strategy may be installed through some combination of nlp skills or techniques and/or any combination thereof.

  5. The act of connecting a customer to a network, e.g., telephone service.

  6. Введение в должность

Recommended, английский
  1. Refer to oxbow) an abandoned meander, commonly filled in by deposition and vegetation, but still discernable. gg

  2. The collection title for recommendation items that can be either based on personalization algorithm or not covered by any personalization data.

T&p valve (temperature and pressure relief valve), английский
    An important safety feature, which must be installed on every water heater. in the event of excessive temperature and/or pressure inside the tank, the t&p valve automatically opens to discharge hot water, and help prevent a potentially hazardous condi

Anode rod, английский
  1. An aluminum or magnesium rod placed inside a gas or electric water heater tank to help protect against corrosion. often referred to as a sacrificial anode rod because, over time, it slowly dissolves, sacrificing itself as it is attacked by aggressive subs

  2. A sacrificial rod composed of one or more metals installed in the water heater that protects the tank from corrosion helping extend the life of the tank.