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Utility water heaters

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
    Gas or electric water heaters with high energy factors, which may qualify for special energy-efficiency rebates offered by gas and electric utilities. state utility water heaters meet energy star home program recommendations and california title 24 requir

Efficiency, английский
  1. A rating on comfort equipment, similar to the miles per gallon rating on your car. the higher the rating, the more efficient the system and the lower your fuel consumption will be.

  2. A comfort-equipment and fuel-efficiency rating similar to the miles-per-gallon rating for automobiles

  3. A general term used to describe how effectively a heat pump, air conditioning system, or furnace converts incoming energy to outgoing energy. the higher the number, the more efficient the unit, and the lower the operating costs.

  4. A measure of a product`s ability to utilize input energy; expressed as a percentage.

  5. Эффективность; кпд

  6. Эффективность (производства); производительность (труда), см. yield, utility, productivity

  7. Эффективность

  8. Эффективность; полезный эффект результативность в зависимости от затраченных ресурсов (времени, финансов и др.).

  9. Эффективность (улавливания частиц). применительно к фильтрам, пылеуловителям и брызговым скрубберам — отношение количества частиц, задерживаемых данным устройством, к поступающему в него количеству (обычно выражается в процентах) (предварительный стандарт мос, 8).

  10. In a loudspeaker, the ratio of acoustic power output to electrical power input.

  11. The degree and speed with which a market accurately incorporates information into prices.

  12. An economic goal of receiving the most satisfaction from a given amount of resources; it occurs when satisfaction cannot be increased through increased production of one good and less of another. see allocativeefficiency and productiveefficiency.

  13. Однокомнатная квартира с плитой и раковиной в жилой комнате

  14. The ratio of the useful energy output to energy input of a machine or other energy-converting plant.

Recommendations, английский
  1. Рекомендации, указания

  2. A set of features that identify and surface content, people, apps or other items that a user may be interested in.

California, английский
    In 1849, large numbers of people moved to california because gold had been discovered there.

Flammable vapors, английский
    Gasoline and other common household products (like paint thinner) give off invisible flammable vapors that travel in the air and can be ignited in a number of ways…by an electrical spark, a lighted match, or the pilot flame or burner of a gas appliance.

Mobile home water heaters, английский
    Gas or electric water heaters designed specifically to meet hud requirements for manufactured housing installation. a gas mobile home water heater features a gas control that is convertible for natural or propane gas operation. only water heaters that mee