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Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Point-of-use electric water heaters

Терминология инструкций к водонагревателям (Water Heater)
    Point-of-use water heaters are designed to serve low-demand applications such as powder rooms, utility sinks and other applications where a limited amount of hot water is required. small storage tanks (2 through 30 gallons) and compact design permit insta

Heat traps, английский
    Special fittings installed at the water heater’s cold water inlet and hot water outlet connections. heat traps help prevent heat from escaping through these connections during standby periods and help increase the overall energy factor.

Tap water scald burns, английский
    It is estimated that 4,000 children are scalded by tap water every year, injuries that can leave permanent scars or cause death. these accidents can be prevented by following these common-sense precautions: