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Creasing process

Printing Glossary
    A process using a die creates creases in the packaging material so that it can fold with ease and without creating any cracking or splitting of the sheet.

Crease, английский
  1. A ridge or groove in flat-rolled metal caused by improper tension control during

  2. A break or line in a fabric generally caused by a sharp fold. creases may be either desirable or undesirable, depending upon the situation. a crease may be intentionally pressed into a fabric by application of pressure and heat and sometimes moisture.

Crease (1), английский

Crease (2), английский

Crease recovery, английский
  1. Wrinkle recovery

  2. Crease-resistant: a term used to describe a fabric treated chemically to improve its resistance to and recovery from wrinkling

Crease retention, английский
    The ability of a fabric to maintain an inserted crease. crease retention can be measured subjectively or by the relation of a crease in a subsequent state to the crease in the initial state. crease retention may be strongly dependent on the conditions of use, e.g., normal wear, washing or tumble-drying.

Crease tile, английский

Creaser-slofcter, английский

Creases repairing, английский
    Восстановление складок (в изображении)

Creasing, английский
    Коробление; сморщивание (бумаги)

Creasing course, английский

Creasing, 1., английский

Proces stárnutí, чешский
    Třetí a poslední část tzv. vanové křivky, která zachycuje četnosti poruch systému, dílčího vybavení nebo komponenty v čase.

Proces staranja, словенский
    Tretji ali zadnji del verjetnostne krivulje, ki opredeljuje povečano verjetnost okvare sistema, opreme ali komponente, saj se približuje koncu njegove življenske dobe.

Procesado ., испанский

Procesado al cloruro de plata en seco ., испанский

Procesado en seco ., испанский

Procesador ., испанский

Procesador de señal digital ., испанский

Procesador de señales digitales ., испанский

Procesador de textos, испанский
    Programa utilizado para escribir; convierte al ordenador en una máquina de escribir muy perfeccionada .

Cut and crease, английский
    A process using a die form that includes cutting the printed materials into the desired shape, as well as creasing them to provide accurate fold lines.

Corner radius, английский
  1. Radius dimension of the corners of the label. the normal radius used is 1.5mm / 2mm.

  2. Радиус округления вершины (режущего инструмента)

  3. The radius that determines how much, if any, the corner of a rectangular object is actually curved or rounded-off’.’