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16 мая, 2024

Translating UMI-CMS based website

19 апреля, 2024

Translations in furniture production

07 февраля, 2024

Ghostwriting vs. Copywriting

30 января, 2024

Preparing a scientific article for publication in an electronic (online) journal

20 декабря, 2023

Translation and editing of drawings in CAD systems

10 декабря, 2023

About automatic speech recognition

30 ноября, 2023

Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Словарь современного сленга
    Artificial insemination.

Artificial, английский
  1. Искусственный

  2. Made to resemble a natural material or object, for example, faux marbre.

  3. A искусственный intelligence, language

  4. Bait made of some type of metal, plastic or rubber. comes in many colors, may be scented or unscented.

Insemination, английский
    The introduction of sperm into the vagina

Ingsoc, английский
    English socialism.

Speakwrite, английский
    An instrument used by party members to note or "write" down information by speaking into an apparatus as a faster alternative to an "ink pencil". it is, for example, used in the ministry of truth by the protagonist winston smith.