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Словарь современного сленга
    Subunit of the fiction department of the ministry of truth that produces pornography

Department, английский
  1. Министерство; ведомство; управление; отдел

  2. A term by which the divisions in the public services are distinguished, as the civil, the commissariat, the military, the naval, the victualling, &c.

  3. An instance of parature that houses the data, files, and information for one client or organization. clients and organizations can have and operate multiple departments for various purposes and each department has its own segregated support portal by default. departments owned by the same client or organization are capable of sharing certain information; to learn more about sharing information between departments, consult the parature knowledgebase.

Pornography, английский
    A content descriptor developed by microsoft. port (v)

Telescreen, английский
    Television and security camera-like devices used by the ruling party in oceania to keep its subjects under constant surveillance

Upsub, английский
    Submit to higher authority. in one scene in the novel, winston smith is instructed to alter a document to conform with the party line, and submit it to his superiors before filing it