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Work area (wa)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A building space where the occupants may interact with telecommunications terminal equipment (computers, faxes, phones, etc.). a media or telecommunications outlet would be used here for duplex fiber terminations or, in the case of multiple users, a mutoa outlet

Telecommunications, английский
  1. Передача и прием электромагнитных сигналов или любой информации по проводам, радио- и другим каналам

  2. (радио) связь; средства (дальней) связи

  3. Communicating over a distance. use of wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic channels to transmit or receive signals for voice, video and data communications.

  4. The transmission and reception of signals (such as electrical or optical) by wire, optical fiber, or electromagnetic means. telegraphing, show-through on a decorative material covering a wall, etc., irregularities, imperfections, or patterns of an inner layer which are transmitted to the surface so that they become visible.

  5. Communicating by sending voice, data or images over networks that might involve telephone lines, satellites, and the radio spectrum. see telecommunications network.

Splice closure, английский
    A cable and fiber management product that environmentally protects and houses optical splices. available as inline or butt style, the closure is usually in a dome or clamshell configuration. s can also hold connectors and optical splitters. telcordia gr-771 specifies mechanical requirements and environmental specifications and tests