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Composite cable

Fiber Optic Glossary
  1. A cable with a combination of optical fibers and copper (coaxial, twisted pair, or power). often confused with hybrid cables

  2. A cable containing both fiber and copper conductors. also known as hybrid cable.

Combination, английский
  1. Комбинация, сочетание

  2. Комбинация, сочетание сомсм communications counter- measures меры противодействия радиосвязи противника 163

  3. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения).

  4. Сочетание; комбинация (сочетание взаимосвязанных признаков изобретения)

  5. Отношение

  6. N сочетание word ~ словосочетание

  7. Комбинация; соединение; сочетание; объединение; набор; система

  8. Сочетание; соединение; комбинация; смешение; состав ~ of errors сумма ошибок load ~ сочетание нафузок

  9. Series of two or more fences within 39 feet 4 inches of each other that must be taken as a pair, an in-and-out.

  10. Applies to derivative products. arrangement of options involving two long or two short positions with different expiration dates or strike (exercise) prices. see: straddle.

  11. Мотоцикл с прицепной коляской

  12. Vehicle consisting or two or more separable units, of which each part need not be independently mobile, for example a motorcycle and side

Containing, английский

Optical supervisory channel (osc), английский
    A channel, accessed at each optical line amplifier site, used for maintenance purposes including but not limited to remote site alarm reporting, communications necessary for fault location, and orderwire. not used to carry payload traffic

Ribbon cable and fiber, английский
    A cable that has internal optical fiber ribbons. up to 24 fibers (250 ?m) are spaced evenly, sandwiched between two layers of matrix. normally there are up to 12 fibers per ribbon