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Cleave and crimp

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A connector installation technique, also known as a nopolish connector. the plug is installed onto the cable with the optic protruding from the end. the cable is crimped to the connector and the optic is cleaved as close to the connector endface as possible

Installation, английский
  1. Сооружение

  2. Setting up exhibit booth and materials according to instructions and drawings.

  3. The process of adding software to a computer system.

  4. Facilitating the acquisition of a new strategy or behaviour. a new strategy may be installed through some combination of nlp skills or techniques and/or any combination thereof.

  5. The act of connecting a customer to a network, e.g., telephone service.

  6. Введение в должность

Small form factor (sff), английский
    A connector that offers higher density electronic equipment, enclosures, and distribution panels, lower connector costs, easier termination, and better optical performance

Diplexer, английский
  1. A component used to provide two functions, such as multiplexing or filtering optical signals. for example, a diplexer used at an fttx optical network terminal filters the downstream 1490-nm wavelength and multiplexes the upstream 1310-nm wavelength to or from a single fiber

  2. A device that combines two or more types of signals into a single output. usually incorporates a multiplexer at the transmit end and a demultiplexer at the receiver end.