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Differential group delay (dgd)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A delay caused by different arrival times of optical signals, which results in modal dispersion. in multimode fibers, dgd is the delay difference of the various modes. in single-mode fibers, dgd is the delay caused by chromatic, waveguide, and polarization mode dispersion

Dispersion, английский
  1. Увеличение ширины импульса сигнала при его распространении по оптоволокну. основной фактор, ограничивающий полосу пропускания многомодового оптоволокна.

  2. Дисперсия.

  3. Эффект расширения световых импульсов во время их передачи по оптическому волокну. дисперсия пропорциональна длине кабеля (см. также хроматическая дисперсия).

  4. Refers to the spread of values observed for a variable. the standard deviation is a measure of dispersion, in contrast to the mean which is a measure of central tendency or location.

  5. The cause of bandwidth limitations in fiber. in multimode systems, modal dispersion is caused by differential optical path lengths known as differential path delay. for singlemode systems, chromatic dispersion is a combination of material dispersion (caused by the line width of the laser source) and waveguide dispersion (caused by the difference in the speed of light in the core and the cladding of the fiber). another type of dispersion is polarization mode dispersion (pmd), which is caused by random vibration, temperature variations, and bending of the fibers known as birefringence

  6. (1) the variation in the refractive index of a medium as a function of wavelength. (2) the property of an optical system which causes the separation of the monochromatic components of radiation.

  7. The dependence of the phase velocity in a medium on the optical frequency or the propagation mode

  8. The stretching of light pulses as they travel in an optical fiber, which increases their duration. the temporal spreading of a light signal in an optical waveguide caused by light signals traveling at different speeds through a fiber either due to modal or chromatic effects.

  9. This occurs when white light is split into separate wave lengths and component colors.

  10. Модовая дисперсия dispersion-compensating fiber волокно с компенсацией дисперсии

  11. Also known as "fire," dispersion refers to the separation of white light into different colors.

  12. Separation of white light into spectral colours, each of which vibrates at a different frequency. also called fire.

  13. Sometimes referred to as fire, dispersion is the break-up of white light into a spectrum of colors.

  14. 1. a system consisting of finely divided particles and the medium in which they are distributed. 2. separation of light into colors by diffraction or refraction. 3. a qualitative estimation of the separation and uniform distribution of fibers in the liquid during the production of a wet-formed nonwoven fabric.

  15. Losses`, pi потери воды при капельном орошении за счет фильтрации за пределы очага увлажнения

  16. The separation of light of different frequencies due to different degrees of refraction

  17. In acoustics, variation of wave phase with frequency.

  18. In acoustics, variation of wave phase with frequency.7

Difference, английский
  1. Disagreement, inequity, contrast, dissimilarity, incompatibility

  2. Разница; разность

  3. An important army term, meaning firstly the sum to be paid by officers when exchanging from the half to full pay; and, secondly, the price or difference in value of the several commissions.

Polarization, английский
  1. Конструкция разъёма. в структурированных кабельных системах рекомендуется использование разъёмом, соответствующих стандарту we co. (western electric company). в отдельных случаях, когда необходимо обеспечить подключения телефонного оборудования к информац

  2. Поляризация

  3. A characteristic of the electric field on an electromagnetic wave in space. the directional aspects of a signal. signals can have circular or planar polarization. four types of polarization are used with satellites; horizontal, vertical, right-hand circular and left-hand circular. electromagnetic waves have the ability to vibrate in different radial directions. typically, satellite signal polarization is either horizontal or vertical. the signal coming from the satellite to the dish will either be vibrating along a horizontal or vertical plane. the receiving equipment must be adjusted to receive the correct polarization.

  4. Vibration of the electric field vector in specific direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. also, restriction of the vibrations of the electromagnetic

  5. Alignment of the electric and magnetic fields that make up an electromagnetic wave; normally refers to the electric field. if all light waves have the same alignment, the light is polarized.

  6. When light penetrates certain crystals the emergent light is different than the entrance light. the emergent light emitted by the crystal vibrates in only one direction.

Optical amplifier, английский
  1. A device that amplifies light without converting it to electrical signal. types include the edfa, raman, and soa

  2. A device that amplifies an input optical signal without converting it into electrical form. the best developed are optical fibers doped with the rare-earth element erbium.

  3. Оптический усилитель

Time division multiple access (tdma), английский
    A data transmission method in which a number of individual transmitters in different locations share a transmission channel, each occupying the channel for a portion of the total time