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Optical amplifier

Fiber Optic Glossary
  1. A device that amplifies light without converting it to electrical signal. types include the edfa, raman, and soa

  2. A device that amplifies an input optical signal without converting it into electrical form. the best developed are optical fibers doped with the rare-earth element erbium.

  3. Оптический усилитель

Amplificación, испанский

Amplificador, испанский

Amplificador de potencia, испанский

Amplificador de refuerzo, испанский

Amplificador operacional, испанский

Amplificador sonoro, испанский

Amplificar, испанский

Amplificare, латинский

Amplificare [1], латинский

Amplificateur maser amplificateur quantique, французский

Amplificatio, латинский

Amplificatio [onis, f], латинский

Amplification, английский
  1. N амплификация7

  2. Усиление

Amplification factor, английский
  1. Коэффициент усиления

  2. The factor by which the power of a signal is amplified

Amplificator [oris, m], латинский

Amplificatrum [i, n], латинский

Amplified spontaneous emission, английский
  1. A process where spontaneously emitted radiation (luminescence) is amplified

  2. Усиленное спонтанное излучение

Amplifier, английский
  1. Усилитель

  2. A device used to increase the strength of video and audio electronic signals.

  3. A device, inserted within a transmission path, that boosts the strength of an electronic or optical signal. amplifiers may be placed just after the transmitter (power booster), at a distance between the transmitter and the receiver (in-line amplifier), or just before the receiver (preamplifier).

  4. A device that increases the amplitude of the voltage, power, or current of a source signal, making an audio signal louder.

Amplifier chains, английский
    Amplifiers consisting of several stages

Amplifier gain, английский
    Коэффициент усиления

Amplifier input, английский
    Сигнал на входе усилителя

Converting, английский
    Преобразование; конвертирование

Electrical, английский

Оптический, русский

Cleave tool, английский
  1. A device with a scribing blade, usually made from either diamond or tungsten carbide, used to score a fiber in order to break it without causing a fracture, hackles or angular irregularities. also known as a cleaver or scribe tool

  2. Отрезной инструмент

Differential group delay (dgd), английский
    A delay caused by different arrival times of optical signals, which results in modal dispersion. in multimode fibers, dgd is the delay difference of the various modes. in single-mode fibers, dgd is the delay caused by chromatic, waveguide, and polarization mode dispersion