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Multitenant data center (mtdc)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A facility that provides internet infrastructure services, such as electrical power, fire suppression, security, cooling, and network access, usually over optical fiber. some firms lease datacenter space to other providers or individual enterprises. colocation data centers sell space on the basis of racks, cabinets, or cages

Infrastructure, французский
    See railway civil infrastructure; electrical infrastructure; signalling and telecommunications infrastructure.

Electrical, английский

Suppression, английский
  1. One of the most commonly used ways of protecting sensitive cells in a table is via suppression. it is obvious that in a row or column with a suppressed sensitive cell, at least one additional cell must be suppressed, or the value in the sensitive cell cou

  2. Подавление; устранение

  3. Подавление

  4. The act of suppressing something  the suppression of allergic responses  the suppression of a hormone

  5. Подавление suppressor cells (ts), syn. t suppressor cells

  6. Подавление, устранение dust ~ пылеподавление fire ~ пожаротушение, тушение пожара, борьба с пожаром odor ~ устранение запахов

  7. See reject.

Individual, английский
    Физическое лицо

Fiber demarcation box (fdb), английский
    A fiber demarcation box provides a service provider with a customer disconnection point, either via a splice or connector interface. slack cable storage and battery backup are stored here as well

Fiber distributed data interface (fddi), английский
  1. A duplex, counter-rotating, and self-healing ring communication standard (ansi x3t9) that provides a 100 mb/s data format. often used to interconnect lowspeed protocols such as token ring and ethernet

  2. A standard for a 100 mbit/s fiber optic local-area network. abbreviation for fiber distributed data interface. 1) a dual counter-rotating ring local area network. 2) a connector used in a dual counter-rotating ring local area network (illustrated).