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Active optical cable (aoc)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A fiber optic cable that has been preterminated with an external electrical endface, thereby removing the termination process. the electrical endfaces can be manufactured with most module formats. the most common module formats are the sfp and hdmi interfaces, but dvi, vga, sfp+, and qsfp+ interfaces also can be provided

Electrical, английский

Termination, английский
  1. This usually refers to the physical act of terminating a cable with a special connector, which for coaxial cable is, usually, bnc. for fibre optic cable this is the st connector. it can also refer to the impedance matching when electrical transmission is

  2. 1). the load connected to the output end of a transmission line. 2). the provisions for ending a transmission line and connecting to a bus bar or other terminating device.

  3. The video cable requires an impedance of 75 ohms at normal video signal bandwidth. this is often called `low z`. there is a switch on the back of the monitors to select either 75 ohm or `high z` (sometimes `high/low`). if a signal is looped through more than one monitor all should be set to `high` except at last, which should be to `low` or 75 ohm.

  4. Preparation of the end of a fiber to allow connection to another fiber or an active device, sometimes also called "connectorization".

  5. Прекращение, расторжение

  6. An ornamental element which finishes off an architectural feature such as a dripstone.

  7. The act of ending something  termination (of pregnancy) abortion

  8. N окончание (слова ) terminography n терминография

  9. The ending of a thread, process, or program.

  10. Расторжение (соглашения, договора)

Manufactured, английский

Tee coupler, английский
    A fiber optic coupler in which three fiber ends are joined together, and a signal transmitted from one fiber is split between the other two

Fiber demarcation box (fdb), английский
    A fiber demarcation box provides a service provider with a customer disconnection point, either via a splice or connector interface. slack cable storage and battery backup are stored here as well