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Medium-density polyethylene (mdpe)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A flexible, environmentally-stable thermoplastic used in outside cable jacketing

Thermoplastic, английский
  1. A plastic material that repeatedly softens when heated and hardens when cooled.

  2. A classification of resin that can be readily softened and reformed by heating and be rehardened by cooling.

  3. A material that will soften, flow, or distort appreciably when subject to sufficient heat and pressure, i.e., pvc or pe

  4. (1) capable of being repeatedly softened by heat and hardened by cooling

  5. A material which becomes soft and pliable when heated (without change in its other properties) and hard and rigid when cooled again.

  6. Термопласт, термопластичная пластмасса

  7. A term used to describe a plastic material that is permanently fusible, i.e. manufactured fibers that will soften at higher temperatures.

  8. A term used to describe a plastic material that is permanently fusible. the term as applied to manufactured fibers describes their tendency to soften at higher temperatures.

Environmental, английский
    Окружающий, внешний (о среде, воздействии); связанный с окружающими условиями [средой]

Digital signal (ds), английский
    A hierarchy of digital signal speeds used to classify capacities of digital lines and trunks. the fundamental speed level is ds-0 (64 kb/s)

Patchcord, английский
    A fixed length of cable with like connectors on both ends (or, in the case of a hybrid cable, different connectors)