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Fiber bragg grating (fbg)

Fiber Optic Glossary
  1. A piece of photo-refractive fiber that is exposed to highintensity uv interference patterns, causing it to reflect a specific wavelength while being transparent to all other wavelengths. used as a filter in wdm systems

  2. An optical fiber in which the core refractive index varies periodically, causing bragg scatting at wavelengths selected by the period and refractive index. a fiber bragg grating reflects the selected wavelength and transmits others.

Refractive, английский

Interference, английский
  1. Effect caused by the introduction of unwanted electrical signals into an electrical circuit. in cctv this results in "noise" in the signal or picture, which disrupts the picture.

  2. Extraneous energy which tends to interfere with the reception of the desired signals.

  3. Disturbances of an electrical or electromagnetic nature that introduce undesirable

  4. “artifactual increase or decrease in apparent concentration or intensity of an analyte due to the presence of a substance that reacts nonspecifically with either the detecting reagent or the signal itself.” [clsi]

  5. Signal

  6. Столкновение прав (заявляемых или патентных); приоритетный спор

  7. A scrambling of the content of signals by the reception of desired signals.

  8. Disturbances of an electrical or electromagnetic nature that introduce undesirable responses in other electronic equipment.

  9. A range of phenomena associated with the superposition of waves

  10. For light, the way that waves add together, depending on their phase. constructive interference occurs when the waves are in phase and their amplitudes add. destructive interference occurs when the waves are 180 degree out of phase and their amplitudes cancel.

  11. N интерференция interfix n интерфикс

  12. The static and other noises sometimes heard over the phone line.

  13. Столкновение одновременно заявляемых прав на патент

  14. Distortion of a light wave due to interaction with another wave

  15. A proceeding, conducted before the patent trial and appeal board, to determine priority of invention between a pending application and one or more pending applications and/or one or more unexpired patents under pre-aia u.s. patent law.

  16. A proceeding conducted before the board of patent appeals and interferences to determine the priority of invention between a pending application and one or more pending applications and one or more unexpired patents.

  17. The negative effect of a learners first language(s) on the learning of a target language.

  18. Помехи, наводки

Wavelength, английский
  1. Light is made up of electromagnetic waves; wavelength is the crest (peak)-to-crest distance between two adjacent waves.

  2. Для оптических сетевых устройств длина волны светового потока составляет 850, 1300, 1310 и 1550 нм

  3. The optical term for frequency. fiber optics generally uses the 850 nm, 1300/1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm wavelengths for transmission purpose due to the marriage of performance with light sources, optical fibers, and optical detector technologies

  4. Distance in the direction of propagation of a periodic wave between two successive points at which the phase is the same. tel 203•377•8282 fax 203•378•2457 e-mail res_sales@oriel.com url www.oriel.com 9-17 polarization lenses optics prisms & filters beam splitters windows, substrates & mirrors properties of optical coatings optical materials

  5. The length of the light wave, usually measured from crest to crest, which determines its color. common units of measurement are the micrometer (micron), the nanometer, and the angstrom unit.

  6. The spatial period of a plane wave

  7. The distance between "waves" in the electromagnetic field, specified as angstroms or nanometers.

  8. The distance an electromagnetic wave travels in the time it takes to oscillate through a complete cycle. wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers (10-9 m) or micrometers (10-6m).

  9. The linear distance occupied by one complete cycle of vibration of an energy form from any given point to the next point characterized by the same phase.

  10. For light waves or sound waves, the distance between two successive points of a periodic wave in the direction of propagation, in which the oscillation has the same phase; the distance the wave travels in one period. for light waves three common units of wavelength are: micrometer, nanometer, and angstrom. wave molding, oundy molding, swelled chamfer, undulating molding, undy

  11. Длина волны wax 1. воск 2. парафин 3. пластичная глина way 1. путь; дорога 2. проход; переход 3. колея 4. направление, сторона 5. амер, расстояние

  12. The physical length between corresponding points of successive cycles of a wave. low frequencies have long wavelengths; high frequencies have short wavelengths.

  13. The distance between the crests of a wave in a radio signal, measured as the speed of light divided by the frequency in- hz.

  14. The distance between one peak of a wave and the next peak

  15. Light is measured by its wavelength (in nanometers) or frequency (in hertz). one wavelength. equals the distance between two successive wave crests.

  16. The distance between two points having the same phase in two consecutive cycles of a periodic wave, along a line in the direction of propagation.

  17. Distance between repeating values of a wave — for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave. wavelength is a fundamental descriptor when discussing wave behavior, system sensitivity, and diffraction effects.

  18. Distance between repeating values of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave.

  19. Distance between repeating values of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak on a sine wave. wavelength is generally measured in nanometers when considering uv-a radiation (for example, 365 nm). compare frequency.

  20. Distance between repeating units of a wave. for example, the distance from one peak to the next peak.

  21. Distance needed in the propagation direction for a wave to go through a complete cycle.7,21

Transparent, английский
  1. An object or material that transmits both light and undiffused images. tip: try lighting a plain back-ground directly behind the object, not the object.

  2. Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images can be seen as if there were no intervening material.

  3. Общедоступная информация в вто присутствует принцип открытого обмена информацией, осуществляемый с целью осведомить всех членов о принимаемых решениях и вопросах, обсуждаемых на совещаниях и встречах маленьких групп

Periodical, английский
    Периодический; регулярный

Passive optical network (pon), английский
    A point-to-multipoint system, specified by the itu, ieee, and scte, that is made up of fiber optic cabling, passive splitters and wdms that distribute an optical signal from the service provider to homes (ftth) or buildings (fttb)

Pull point, английский
    A physical location where optical cable can be accessed and pulled, reducing friction and damage, and allowing for longer installed spans