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Splice panel

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A rack or wall-mounted panel that allows cables to be organized and spliced. the panel holds splice trays, secures the cable, grounds any metallic members, and organizes and stores buffer tubes, fibers, and splices

Panel, английский
  1. A thin flat piece of wood, plywood, or similar material, framed by stiles and rails as in a door (or cabinet door), or fitted into grooves of thicker material with molded edges for decorative wall treatment.

  2. Панель; щиток; пульт (управления); доска (с приборами)

  3. A group of officers, selected by the convening authority in u.s. practice, or randomly from the list of officers in british armed forces, to serve (essentially) as the jury at a court-martial.

  4. See photovoltaic (pv) panel.

  5. Список больных страхового врача часть оконного стекла в раме; часть витража с отдельным рисунком участники викторины (в радио- или телепередаче) вставка в платье другого материала или цвета

  6. A rectangular area of coal worked by longwall methods.

  7. Sheet metal component of a vehicle body, particularly when part of the outer sheu.

Panel, английский

Panel (of a tower or a mast), английский

Panel (of a tower or a mast):, английский
    Any convenient portion of a tower or mast that is subdivided vertically for the purpose of determining projected areas and wind drag. panels are typically, but not necessarily, taken between intersections of legs and primary bracings

Panel (organoleptic panel), английский
    Группа испытуемых (для оценки органолептических свойств). группа добровольцев, выбранных для участия в сенсорном тестировании (мос, 12).

Panel (track), английский
    A section of plain track or crossingwork comprising rails, track fastenings and sleepers (tie bars if applicable) which has been assembled for transport or installation into track as a unit.

Panel - carrying trailer, английский

Panel - radiant heating, английский

Panel baking, английский
    Выжигание органической пленки экрана

Panel barrier, английский

Panel bed, английский
    A bed that uses a panel of wood(or other materials) for the headboard and foot board.

Panel belt tailpiece, английский

Panel board, английский
    Приборная доска

Panel body, английский
    Fully enclosed truck or van body, constructed from sheet metal panels. panhard rod transverse rod pivoted at one end to chassis or vehicle shell and at the other to a beam axle, which it constrains in lateral movement. pantechnicon (us

Panel box, английский
    A small panel board providing many of the same functions as a larger panel board. panel construction, panellized construction a method of building construction which uses panels as major elements or components.

Panel coker, английский
    A testing device that involves dripping cold fluid onto a hot panel to determine the detergency and deposit-forming tendencies of the test fluid.

Panel deck, английский

Panel development, английский

Panel dial, английский
    Шкала панели

Panel discussion, английский
    Групповое обсуждение (проблемы)

Panel divider, английский
    A molding which separates two wood panels along their common edge. pan construction section view

Core ovality, английский
    A ratio of the minimum to maximum diameters of the core within an optical fiber, or how round the core is

Directionality, английский
    A quantification of how much light is passing in any direction, measured in db. if a 0 dbm signal passes through a coupler with 50 db directionality, only –50 db (0.01 ?m) will pass in the wrong direction