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Core ovality

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A ratio of the minimum to maximum diameters of the core within an optical fiber, or how round the core is

Core, английский
  1. Remaining wood after a veneer peeling operation is completed.

  2. Any portion of a cable over which some other cable component, such as a shield, jacket, sheath or armor, is applied.

  3. Центральная часть оптического волокна, изготовленная из стекла. коэффициент преломления сердцевины меньше, чем у оболочки

  4. The internal duct and filter media support.

  5. Coherent-on-receive

  6. Common operational research equipment

  7. The central part of an optical fiber that carries light. the light-conducting portion of a fiber, defined by its higher refraction index. the core is the center of a fiber, surrounded by concentric cladding of lower refractive index.

  8. (1) a central strand around which other wires are wound in a core temple, (2) wire reinforcement imbedded in plastic temples (core wire).

  9. N сердцевина, ядро vocabulary

  10. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген); 16 элемент структуры вируса или клетки.

  11. Сердцевина; ядро (клетки, фага) или коровый, сердцевинный (антиген);

  12. Заполнитель

  13. A cylindrical sample of rock and/or the process of cutting such a sample by use of an annular (hollow) drill bit. sometimes incorrectly called bit core.

  14. The central portion of a bit mold, that forms the inside diameter of the bit.

  15. A cone or inverted v-shaped stub of rock left in the bottom of a drill hole by a cone noncoring bit.

  16. In rough set theory, the core attributes are those attributes that are in the intersection of all reducts. neither the reducts nor the minimal reducts of a set of attributes are necessarily unique. the core attributes are those that appear in all reducts of an attribute set and must be contained in any reduced table. the remaining attributes in the set of (minimal) reducts must be selected on other criteria (e.g., smallest total number of attributes in the reduced table or best upper and lower approximations to some concept(s)). see also: indiscernable, lower approximation, reduct, rough set theory, upper approximation.

  17. 1) part of the earth more than 2900 km beneath ocean surface, with a

  18. Controlled requirements expression

  19. Requirements for atm working positions

  20. (1) in manufacturing, specially formed material inserted in a mold to shape the interior of another part of a casting that cannot be shaped as easily by the pattern. (2) in a heat treated ferrous alloy, the inner portion that is softer than the outer portion or case.

  21. A cylindrical sample taken from a formation for geological analysis. usually a conventional core barrel is substituted for the bit and procures a sample as it penetrates the formation.

Core, английский
    A mold component which forms the internal surface of the closure. the core also includes the threads.

Core, английский

Core (1), английский

Core (2), английский

Core (inrev style), английский
    A fund which invests mainly in income producing investments. the fund will use low leverage, have no or very low development exposure and generate a high proportion of return through income.

Core (mt), английский
    In reference to an electromagnetic inspection, it is a laminated steel conductor located within the electrical winding of a hand-held yoke or probe. also, laminated steel conductor used in conjunction with a magnetizing coil to produce a stronger collapsing field in induced current magnetization of ring-shaped parts.

Core (rs style), английский
    An account that includes a preponderance of core attributes; the account as a whole will have low leasing exposure and low leverage. a low percentage of noncore assets is acceptable. as a result, such portfolios should achieve relatively high-income returns and exhibit relatively low volatility.

Core activities, английский
    Основная деятельность

Core analysis, английский
  1. The characteristics of the minerals contained in a specific section of a core sample as determined petrographically, by metallurgical treatments, and/or by chemical or cupelling methods. also called core assay, core values.

  2. As used by the petroleum industry, a study of a core sample to determine its water and oil content, porosity, permeability, etc.

  3. Laboratory analysis of a core sample to determine porosity, permeability, lithology, fluid content, angle of dip, geological age, and probable productivity of the formation.

Core application questionnaire, английский
    A questionnaire used to gather key information about your organization to be used as a roadmap for building your performancepoint server application.

Core area, английский
    Of a grille for an air diffuser, the total area within the outer edges of the outer opening through which air can pass.

Core array, английский
    Ферритовая матрица

Core assay, английский
    Sometimes used as a synonym for core analysis, but more commonly it infers that the mineral content of a core sample has been determined by fire methods.

Core assembly, английский

Core balance current transformer, английский

Core barrel, английский
  1. The hollow cutting tool of a core drill; consists of a section of pipe which has a carbide insert or diamond cutting edge. coreboard, brit. battenboard a wood-base panel used in plywood or laminated core constructions; the core, 1, to which faces are glued.

  2. A length of tubing, usually 10 feet long, designed to form the coupling unit between the core bit and reaming shell and the drill-rod string. it carries or contains the core produced until the core can be raised to the surface. the barrels are of single or double tubing and of swivel or rigid type.

  3. Колонковый набор со съемным керноприемником, обеспечивающий наиболее полный выход керна при бурении рыхлых, неуплотненных и сильно трещиноватых пород

  4. A length of pipe next to the cutting bit of a core drill and which contains

Core barrel stabilizer, английский
    Стабилизатор колонковой трубы

Core basket, английский

Core binder, английский

Core bit, английский
    An annular-shaped bit designed to cut a core sample of rock in boreholes. the cutting points may be serrations, diamonds, or other hard substances inset in the face of the bit.

Controlled environment vault (cev), английский
    A reinforced vault designed to provide an environmentallystable underground area to house fiber optic transmission equipment and electronics for switching, monitoring, back-up power, remote terminals, etc

Splice panel, английский
    A rack or wall-mounted panel that allows cables to be organized and spliced. the panel holds splice trays, secures the cable, grounds any metallic members, and organizes and stores buffer tubes, fibers, and splices