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Network equipment building system (nebs)

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A requirement for central office equipment in the north american public switched telephone network. originally developed by bell labs (now telcordia) in the 1970s and released as a public document in 1985

Requirement, английский
  1. Требование

  2. Something which is necessary  one of the requirements of the position is a qualification in pharmacy. res abbr reticuloendothelial system

  3. Требование; спрос; потребность; условие ~ of continuity требование (обеспече- 469 requirement ния) неразрывности [неразрезность сплошности] ~s of structural safety требования техники безопасности в строительстве

Originally, английский

Light-emitting diode (led), английский
    A semiconductor device that emits incoherent light formed by the p-n junction. burrus (well) and edge-emitting diodes are used with systems operating up to 622 mb/s over multimode fibers

Controlled environment vault (cev), английский
    A reinforced vault designed to provide an environmentallystable underground area to house fiber optic transmission equipment and electronics for switching, monitoring, back-up power, remote terminals, etc