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Sag span

Fiber Optic Glossary
    A span selected within a sag section used as a control to determine the proper sag, and therefore tension of the fiber optic cable. at least two and normally three sag spans in a sag section, are required to sag a section properly. this may be increased where span lengths vary greatly and/or the terrain is hilly or mountainous

Sag, английский
  1. Slack in a cable, particularly in a skyline (19).

  2. Single-axis gyro

  3. Screen actors guild which represents talent. originally, this union represented actors working in the motion picture industry, but in recent years they have represented other talent areas.

  4. The distance measured vertically from the fiber optic cable to the straight line joining two points of support. unless otherwise stated, the sag referred to is at the mid-point of the span

  5. Longitudinal deformation of a vessel under stress, causing the waist to drop below stem and stern when they are supported (e.g., by waves). from the swedish saka.

  6. Падение цен

Sag aloo, английский

Sag aloo, английский

Sag belt tension, английский

Sag bolt, английский

Sag correction, английский

Sag equation, английский
    Уравнение, описывающее кислородный провал (уравнение описывает резкое падение содержания растворенного кислорода в воде водного объе- екта за местом выпуска сточных вод)

Sag length, английский
    Buckling length

Sag meter, английский

Sag ourve, английский
    См. oxygen sag

Sag pipe, английский

Sag pond, английский
    A small, permanent body of water in a semi-closed or closed depression formed by movement along a strike-slip fault or by mass movement (i.e., landslide) that ponds water from impounded drainage or surface runoff. also spelled sagpond. sw & gg

Sag resistance, английский
    Стойкость к провисанию

Sag structure, английский

Sag tower, английский

Sagĭtta, латинский

Saga, шведский

Saga, латинский

Saga, английский
    Short arc geodetic adjustment (doppler)

Saga sand and gravel association, английский
    Ассоциация работников песчаных и гравийных карьеров

Mountainous, английский

Laydown, английский
  1. A step during the optical fiber manufacturing process in which gases are deposited as a wet “soot” upon a quartz rod by flame hydrolysis, ultimately creating a preform for the glass core and cladding of an optical fiber

  2. Мозаичный фотомонтаж (аэроснимков)

Air handling plenum, английский
    A space within a building designed for the movement of environmental air, e.g., a space above a suspended ceiling or below an access floor