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Barrel ceiling

Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям
    A ceiling of semicylindrical shape.

Barrel, английский
  1. Liquid measure, equivalent to 42 u.s. gallons (4).

  2. Баррель - единица измерения объема нефти, равная 42 галлонам сша, или 159 литрам;

  3. Бочка емкостью примерно в 40 галлонов

  4. Ствол (оружия); баррель

  5. A unit of liquid volume of petroleum oils equal to 42 u.s. gallons or approximately 35 imperial gallons.

  6. A cylindrical vessel for holding both liquid and dry goods. also, a commercial measure of 31-1/2 gallons.

  7. [1] a cylindrical container, usually bulging at the middle, consisting of wooden staves bound with metal hoops. [2] the tube, forming the main part of a gun, through which shells or bullets are discharged. [3] a volumetric measure (42 u.s. gallons = 35 imp gallons = 159 liters) used in the petroleum and shipping industries.

  8. The cylindrical part of a pump from which the movement of the piston causes a liquid or gas to be forcibly ejected. also, the cylindrical part of a hydraulic jack or of a hydraulic-feed mechanism on a diamond drill.

  9. The drum of a hoist.

  10. Commonly, although incorrectly, used as a syno nym for core barrel. 4. a cylindrical container having a capacity of 55 gallons. also called drum. 5. a crude-petroleum measure of quantity equal to 42 gallons.

  11. The horse’s midsection

  12. Блок цилиндров насоса

  13. Main air pipe through a carburetor. also mixing chamber,

  14. Баррель ( мера емкости), бочка

  15. Баррель bbl, bbls (англ. barrels)

Barrel, английский

Barrel (drum), английский
    A standard container size, depending on context, e.g.: a 400-lb open top container (gear lubes and greases are sold by the pound), a 55-gal liquid container (most liquid lubricants) or a 42-gal charge (standard for crude oils).

Barrel (перфоратора, английский

Barrel arch, английский
    An arch formed of a curved solid plate or slab, as contrasted with one formed with individual curved members or ribs. barrel bolt, tower bolt a door bolt which moves in a cylindrical casing; not driven by a key.

Barrel bolt, английский
    The common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached by the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by hand.

Barrel bolt., английский

Barrel button, английский
  1. Кнопка пера

  2. A button on some tablet pens. you can use it to perform certain actions, including a mouse right-click equivalent.

Barrel chair, английский
  1. Кресло-бочонок с полукруглой спинкой, составляющей единое целое с подлокотниками

  2. Semi-circular or barrel shaped low back chair.

  3. Also known as a tub chair, a barrel chair has a round upholstered seat, and arms forming a continuous line with the backrest.

Barrel chest, английский
    A chest formed like a barrel, caused by asthma or emphysema barrier cream 38

Barrel cleaning, английский

Barrel connector, английский
    Цилиндрический соединитель; соединитель "гнездо-гнездо"

Barrel copper, английский

Barrel cranking motor, английский
    Starter or cranking motor for engines with small flywheels, the pinion being attached to a barrel to increase inertia.

Barrel distortion, английский
  1. A distortion in a monitor due to non uniform scanning which causes the image to appear to bulge outward like a barrel.

  2. A common geometric lens distortion causing an acquired image to pucker toward the center and be rounded along the outer edges. see examples of it at andromeda`s lensdoc page.

  3. An optical distortion resulting in the image bowing out of square. barrel distortion is usually associated with less expensive wide-angle lenses and digital cameras, and is most apparent in architectural photographs or images containing lines that run parallel to each other in the horizontal or vertical plane. for more on this subject, see the explora article “optical anomalies and lens corrections explained.”

  4. A common geometric lens distortion causing an aquired image to pucker towards the centre and be rounded along the outer edges.

  5. Бочкообразное искажение

  6. Бочечная или отрицательная дисторсия (дисторсия, связанная с большим увеличением изображения в центре поля, чем у его краев)

Barrel distortion, английский

Barrel drain, английский
    Any drain which is cylindrical in shape.

Barrel extension, английский

Barrel finishing, английский

Barrel fitting, английский
    A short length of threaded connecting pipe, as a nipple. barreling, tumbling the application of paint to small articles by tumbling them in a barrel containing paint.

Louvered ceiling, английский
    A ceiling system consisting of multicellular louvers which shield the light sources mounted above it.

Wagon ceiling, английский
    A ceiling of semicylindrical shape, as a barrel vault.