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Barrel arch

Глоссарий по архитектуре и конструкциям
    An arch formed of a curved solid plate or slab, as contrasted with one formed with individual curved members or ribs. barrel bolt, tower bolt a door bolt which moves in a cylindrical casing; not driven by a key.

Arch, английский
  1. Auto-regressive conditional heteroskedasticity

  2. Supporting device towed behind or mounted on a skidding vehicle. used to lift one end of a log or logs to reduce sliding resistance and/or transfer the weight l of the load to a skidding vehicle (24).

  3. A curved structure resting on supports at each end that supports loads primarily in compression

  4. Architect

  5. A rounded whose curve is a little more than a semicircle so that the opening at the bottom is narrower than its greatest span.

  6. An , usually segmental and often a blind arch, built above the lintel of a door or window to discharge the weight of the wall above the lintel to each side. discontinuous impost 315

  7. A curved part of the body, especially under the foot

  8. See: auto-regressive conditional heteroskedasticity

  9. Archives and quality control system

Arch, английский

Arch, английский

Arch, английский

Arch (archive task), английский

Arch -, английский
  1. Клинчатый [клиновой] кирпич со скошенными гранями (для кладки арок)

  2. Кружало арки art ~ центр [дом] искусств

  3. Сводообразование (в бункере и т.п.)

Arch band, английский
    Any narrow elongated surface forming part of, or connected with, an arch.

Arch band., английский

Arch bar, английский
    A curved wrought-iron or steel bar used to support the weight of the masonry above a fireplace or window opening.

Arch barrel roof, английский

Arch beam, английский

Arch blocks, английский

Arch brace, английский
    A curved brace, usually used in pairs to support a roof frame and give the effect of an arch. arch brick, compass brick, featheredge brick, radial brick, radiating brick, radius brick, voussoir brick 1. a wedge-shaped brick used in arch or circular construction; its two larger faces are inclined toward each other. 2. extremely hard-burnt brick from an arch.

Arch brick, 1., английский

Arch brick. featheredged coping, splayed coping,, английский

Arch brick. vp on drawings, abbr. for vent pipe. v-roof a peaked roof, gable roof, or the like. vs 1. on drawings, abbr. for “versus.” 2. abbr. for vent stack. 3. abbr. for “vapor seal.” v-shaped joint, v-joint, v-tooled joint 1.a, английский

Arch bridge, английский

Arch buttant, английский

Arch buttress, английский

Arch center, английский
    Formwork to support the voussoirs of an arch during construction.

Arch centering, английский

Individual, английский
    Физическое лицо

Cylindrical, английский

Multicentered arch, английский
    An arch having a shape composed of a series of circular arcs with different radii, giving an approximation to an ellipse. these arcs are symmetrically disposed about a vertical axis and occur in odd numbers.

Compound arch, английский
    An arch formed by concentric arches set within one another. compound beam, built-up beam a rectangular beam composed of smaller timbers over which planks are nailed on each side; the composite unit is joined together by bolting or by gluing. compregnated wood, resin-treated wood wood impregnated with a thermosetting resin, then subjected to heat and pressure to provide both resin curing and compression. comprehensive general liability insurance a broad form of liability insurance covering claims for bodily injury and property damage which combines under one policy coverage for all liability exposures (except those specifically excluded) on a blanket basis and automatically covers new and unknown hazards that may develop; automatically includes contractual liability coverage for certain types of contracts.