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In contrast to lithostratigraphic units

Словарь стратиграфических терминов
    A lithodemic unit generally does not conform to the law o f superposition (north american stratigraphic code, 1983, p. 859).

Superposition, английский

Stratigraphic, английский

Supersuite, английский
    A lithodemic unit next higher in rank to suite and comprising two or more suites or complexes having a degree o f natural relationship to one another, either in the vertical or the lateral sense (north american stratigraphic code, 1983, p. 860).

Parastratigraphic rock unit, английский
    A grouping o f strata identified by objective lithologic criteria but lacking in either mappability or, most commonly, in lithologic homogeneity and constancy (krumbein and sloss, 1963, p. 333).