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Tub chair

Глоссарий устойчивых словосочетаний английского языка
  1. Кресло-бочонок (мягкое, с полукруглой спинкой, составляющей одно целое с подлокотниками) tub-butter масло, расфасованное в бочонках tub-frock платье из легко стирающейся материи

  2. See barrel chair.

Стул для ванны, русский

Chair, английский
  1. The cast steel fixture on a sleeper which secures the rail in the correct position. depending on the design, of which there are many, the rail is secured to the chair by a form of clip or key.

  2. A metal casting which retains bullhead rail on wooden sleepers.

Chair (points), английский
    See point slide chair.

Chair board, английский

Chair control, английский
    Управление председателем

Chair control conference, английский
    Управляемая конференция

Chair house, английский

Chair of company, английский
    Глава компании; президент компании

Chair of the board, английский
    Highest-ranking member of a board of directors, who presides over its meetings and who is often the most powerful officer of a corporation.

Chair rail, английский
  1. Originally, chair rails were intended to prevent walls from being dented by the backs of chairs. chair rails are usually measured to equal the height of the tallest chair in the room. today it is mainly used for decoration purposes and usually range from 28" to 36".

  2. Interior trim material installed about 3-4 feet up the wall, horizontally.

  3. A horizontal strip usually of wood, affixed to a plaster wall at a height which prevents the backs of chairs from damaging the wall surface.

Chair rail cap, английский

Chair rail., английский

Chair, dummy (points), английский
    A rail base plate under the stock rail ahead of the switch. it provides vertical support to and a base for the stock rail. refer also to point slide chair.

Chairil anwar, английский

Chairlift, английский
    An electrically-operated lift for conveying a single passenger, who is seated in a chair, up or down the incline of a flight of stairs; in a private residence from one floor level to the next, or in a commercial building

Chairlift., английский

Chairman, английский

Chairoplane, английский
    Карусель с подвесными сиденьями

Chairperson, английский

Tub, английский
  1. Tubing

  2. [1] derogatory slang for an old and decrepit vessel. [2] a cylindrical band encircling a mast for securing a yard or gaff so that it can slide. [3] a round shallow open-topped wooden container.

Tub, шведский

Tub basket, английский

Составляющей, русский

Подлокотник, русский

Barrel chair, английский
  1. Кресло-бочонок с полукруглой спинкой, составляющей единое целое с подлокотниками

  2. Semi-circular or barrel shaped low back chair.

  3. Also known as a tub chair, a barrel chair has a round upholstered seat, and arms forming a continuous line with the backrest.

Scrumpy, английский
    Крепкий сухой сидр